Unique Gift Ideas

selection of framed photos

Every year it happens. You need to find another round of unique gifts. This is the year you’re going to get creative gifts for everyone on your list, you say. Super personal, thought-through, one-of-a-kind. Something that will make them either tear up or burst into laughter. Or both.

We’re here to help. If you already have something in mind, you can probably Framebridge it. Of course we gladly frame any of your unique—even what some might call “unusual” gift ideas.

Original Art

Like a favorite print from Shadra Strickland, one of the artists in our Black Artists Print Shop

art print by shadra strickland
Peach print in Mercer Slim frame


Goooo team! Whether it's a vintage jersey or one from their favorite player, it's a home-run gift.

framed jersey
Jersey in Mercer Slim frame


Whether they're a recent graduate or have been putting off getting their diploma framed, they can revel in their accomplishment again.

framed diploma
Diploma in Richmond frame


The souvenirs you brought back from the trip to Morocco, the weaving from Mexico or the needlepoint with the inside joke you've had for years. 

framed texile
Textile in Mandalay frame

Or perhaps a real life (pillowcase) pirate flag...

framed pirate flag pillowcase


Like the iPods your dad gave you.

two framed iPods
iPods in Monterey frame

Or the original keys to a family home.

framed antique keys
Keys in Irvine Slim frame

Or the cardboard scoreboard you and your college buddies kept for the tournaments after finals.

framed cardboard sign scoreboard

Personalized Gifts

Engraved brass plates and story pockets offer ways to make gifts even more special. Perhaps noting the coordinates of your summit?

framed photo of hiker at yosemite
Photo in Walnut Gallery frame with brass plate

And our tiniest (perhaps favorite) gift of all this year...The Ornament! A miniature version of our Cairo frame with your photo and a secret little story pocket on the back.

mini frame as ornament

Of course every story is unique, so we thought we'd share more gifting inspiration for the holidays. Creativity abounds!

The rules of your kids' childhood fort. #3: Be nice.

family on Christmas morning with framed cardboard sign

Kim's big achievement: his first crossword puzzle published in the New York Times

framed blank New York Times crossword puzzle in white frame

A true family hero

vintage framed picture of football player
Photo in Providence frame

An epic gallery wall filled with family photos. Perhaps the siblings could all pitch in with their favorite for mom and dad's BIG gift?

photo of gallery wall on stairs with family photos
The Endless Organic gallery wall

Throwback Halloween photos because they are almost always the cutest ones of the year.

framed photo of kids in halloween costumes
Photo in Archer frame

Ok, maybe the unexpected candid ones are the cutest (we have a few ideas for capturing pics of the kids, too).

framed photo of girl eating
Photo in Cherry with White frame

The unforgettable excursion with your ride-or-dies.

framed photo of four women in morocco
Photo in Black Walnut Gallery frame

A sketch of the restaurant where you got engaged or made your Friday night "usual spot".

framed photo of restaurant drawing

Or if they're more of a home chef, a special recipe handed down through the generations.

framed recipe card
Recipe card in Georgetown frame

We hope we inspired some unique gift ideas. Go ahead, rummage through the attic. Dig through the garage. Find those vintage photos or objects that they may have forgotten about, but will mean the world when they show up in a box with a bow this holiday season.