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Style talk with Clare Vivier

by Framebridge Editorial
November 13, 2023
4 min read
Clare Vivier

“L.A. cool and Paris chic.” That’s how fashion designer Clare Vivier describes her Clare V. line, which draws inspiration from her two favorite cities for a look that combines vibrant, edgy style with classic design. What started in 2008 with a cute bag to hold her laptop has since grown into a cult classic brand of accessories, clothing, and now, a limited-edition collection with Framebridge. The six float-mounted, framed typography prints capture the distinct style, vivid charm, and French chic of the lauded Clare V. brand. “I love color and creating things that make people happy,” says Clare. “There’s always a wink and a je ne sais quoi–I put a little twist on everything we make.” Here, she shares her inspiration, the beauty of hand-drawn lettering, and why everything just sounds better in French.

L’Ennui, available in 3 frame styles

How did your collection with Framebridge come to be?

“Our graphics are a big part of the brand. We have a lot of tongue-in-cheek, French sayings and typefaces–hand-drawn lettering is a real passion of mine. We started printing our own posters, and it just made sense that people would want these for their homes. Partnering with Framebridge on this collection seems like a no-brainer!”

J’Aime La Vie, available in 3 frame styles.

Where do you find inspiration?

“I travel often and I draw inspiration from many places. I live in Los Angeles, and it's really beautiful–there’s tons of light and I’m always inspired by the nature around me. And then I also travel to France a lot, so Paris is part of my inspiration. There's a real chicness and classic side to France in general, but especially Paris, and that sense of style and design is something that I really appreciate.”

Why do you communicate your designs in French?

“I'm French by marriage, and I speak French fluently. Saying something in French is a little bit less on the nose than saying it in English. There’s a little bit of fun, a little bit of taking the piss out of something–it's not so obvious. So, you know, ‘l’ennui’ is about the boredom that we all experienced during the pandemic. And it’s a lot better than just saying, ‘bored,’ you know?”

C’est Très Nice, available in 3 frame styles.

And how does Los Angeles play into the brand?

“There's a cool grittiness where I live on the east side of town. There's a lot of creative people who live there so I feel like there's this cool element to our brand that's kind of street vibe. And then there's the French element which is very classic and chic. So that's why we say, ‘L.A. cool and Paris chic.’”

Clare V. has a tremendous following. What makes it so approachable? 

“I want our collection to be able to be worn by everyone, and I want it to be fun and accepting and inclusive-and I think it is. I think there's a real element of community with our collection, and in our vibe.”

Égalité Pour Les Femmes, available in 3 frame styles.

How do your prints with Framebridge express that vibe?

“Everything is really intentional–the colors that we chose for the words and how they’re set on the backdrop. We looked at different options and these all feel very Clare V. They're colorful, they're fun, they’re something happy to look at in your home.”


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