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Behind my brag wall with Jodie Patterson

by Framebridge Editorial
July 02, 2024
4 min read

Capturing the many, many achievements and personal highlights that are attached to the name Jodie Patterson was no small task—but we were up for the challenge (and more). Pinpointing the uniquely bold and eclectic style of this fashion-forward New Yorker led to some of our (and Jodie’s!) most inspired framing choices. 

Starting with the oldest existing photographs of her female ancestors, all the way to notes from her five children, Jodie’s brag wall also takes you through her 15-plus careers in beauty, fashion, New York City nightlife, publishing, and social activism—her greatest achievement, so far. It’s a celebration of her heritage, culture, and the ambition that drives her to take all the risks. Learn how to channel some of her consummate cool below. 

To make this handwritten memento from one of her kids really pop, Jodie chose our red lacquer Madrid frame with a violet mat. Other unconventional highlights on her wall include marigold, sky blue, and soft linen mats.

“I really liked working with Framebridge. They're creatives like me. When I wanted to do purple and red together, they said, ‘let's do it!’ I like taking risks and I worked with the design team to promote that. They really pushed me to experiment with color and texture. It was a beautiful creative process.” 

Jodie says her brag wall is centered around this Kenyan queen and king— vibrant watercolors by artist Chris Ofili. Our gold bamboo Mandalay frames highlight the artworks’ regal nature, while float mounting exposes the edges for a modern look.

“I am an explosion of color. I love gold, pinks, yellows and a lot of randomness. But then somehow it all connects. I think  the rich woods and the gold bamboo, mixed with some floating pieces, like my Dad’s pipe, altogether feels really joyful. It’s more than I expected but it also feels like it’s been here my entire life.”

Our tortoise shell pattern Toulouse frame adds glamour to an already glamourous moment, while the stark white mat brings the subdued hues of the vintage photo to life.

Dark, intriguing frames surround the more significant photographed moments on Jodie’s wall, like her first pregnancy and this photo of her parents on their wedding day. “They had a lovely wedding. I’ve actually never had a formal wedding but I still think it’s so romantic. My father ran the first Black brokerage firm on Wall Street, and together with my mother, founded a school in Harlem with a mission of Black excellence.”

Many of Jodie’s framed press clippings feature brass plate captions. Her history with media is vast, from publishing her own magazine to being lauded by a range of major press outlets including O, The Oprah Magazine, Vogue, Family Circle, USA Today, and The Advocate.

“A moment celebrating using my own money to create my own space. I really feel like this is next level and deserving of the little detail of a brass plate,” Jodie says of an article about her purchasing property and building a home in upstate New York. Sidenote: Yes, this is the same home her Framebridge brag wall now lives in.

“Creating this wall reminded me that I’m a storyteller. I love stories. And I have 1,000 more stories to tell. I’m just not done yet. This wall will probably expand around my whole house.”

About Jodie

Jodie Patterson is an award-winning author, speaker, advocate, and entrepreneur whose work spans communities as diverse as fashion and beauty brands, to media and entertainment organizations, to queer and BIPOC advocacy groups. In 2019, she became the first Black person elected to the role of chair of the The Human Rights Campaign Foundation Board, America’s largest LGBTQ+ organization. 


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Madrid with a Mat Caption

Madrid with a Mat Caption

Red lacquered frame with a mat caption

Mandalay with a White Mat and Float Mount

Mandalay with a White Mat and Float Mount

Gold bamboo frame with a white mat