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How to Find Art You’ll Love Forever

by Framebridge Editorial
May 15, 2024
4 min read
Framed in Walnut Canvas from our
American Hardwoods Collection

As a brand leader at Condé Nast and Ralph Lauren for over two decades, an Emmy-nominated television host and producer, and a contributing editor at Elle Decor and Town & Country, William Li is an authority within the worlds of design, art, and culture.

In 2023, he founded Armature Projects, an art consultancy focused on connecting art and design. He works with a diverse group of emerging and mid-career artists, with the goal of making the art buying process inspiring, turnkey, and effortless for architects, designers, and collectors.

Li recently custom framed five canvas and print pieces with Framebridge. Here, he shares his tips for selecting fine art that matches both your space and your personal style.

1. Decorate with intention

“Define your collecting goals and preferences, whether you focus on a specific artist, style, medium, or theme.” Li suggests. “What gets hung on your wall should have soul, authenticity, and a point of view. Invest in well-crafted, authentic works that resonate with you, instead of chasing trends.”

2. Consider the room

Li suggests that “the function of the room you’re decorating should influence the size of the artwork you choose.” So, “a big statement piece makes sense as the focal point in the living room or dining room, whereas smaller pieces are more appropriate for bedrooms or hallways. Aim for balance and proportion to both fit the size of the wall and visually match the surrounding furniture.”

3. Explore different styles, mediums, and artists

“Understand what resonates with you, so you aren’t sacrificing your style and taste,” Li says. “Knowing your preferences will guide your purchasing decisions and help you create a cohesive collection.”

Framed in Ash Canvas from our
American Hardwoods Collection

4. Keep it simple

“Pick a frame that gives the work a sense of importance ,” Li says. “Your pieces should look more beautiful once they’re framed. Choose frames that are simple in design and profile to showcase your pieces without distraction. A great frame, no matter how simple, allows the viewer to really focus on the art, which should be the star. Art and quality framing gives your space a sense of authenticity and a point of view.”

Framed in Bleached Maple from our
American Hardwoods Collection