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A gallery wall that celebrates a trio of favorite things

by Framebridge Editorial
October 31, 2023
3 min read

When photographer and Framebridge friend Howie Guja set out to create a gallery wall for his daughter’s room, he made sure to involve her in the process. Lilly chose the photos she wanted to frame, and helped decide where they’d hang. “This gallery wall celebrates the things she loves most,” says Howie. Here, he shares the stories behind Lilly’s Organic Trio gallery wall–including a wild fox they met along the way.

What stories do these photos tell?

“My daughter Lilly chose photographs that I took of things she adores: our dog Sailor hanging out the window of our Land Rover 110, boating and sailing on the bay, and a wild fox on our local beach on Fire Island.”

Lilly’s Organic Trio gallery wall, via Howie Guja @howieguja.
Tell us more about the fox!

“Foxes roam the dunes and the shoreline, and I was observing this one who was digging for crabs down the beach. Eventually it got right in front of me, sat down, and yawned before continuing on its way.”

How did you decide on The Organic Trio layout?

“I love trio layouts because they work well in almost any space. The trio of frames provides visual interest and Lilly liked the idea of having some darker frame colors that pop. It was also super easy to hang–perfectly positioned frames on the wall in a matter of minutes!”

Did the frames change the personality of her room?

“Yes, the mix of frame colors and textures really make the prints jump out at you. Before, her room had mostly white frames of art and photos, and we wanted to switch that up. These frames really stand out amongst the white beadboard walls.”

Why did you choose to hang the frames off-center?

“Lilly's antique headboard and wall sconce provided a nice space between them, so I thought the trio would fit perfectly there. And the way it’s slightly off-center is really eye-catching!”


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