Framebridge | Materials

Highest-Quality Materials

We source the best materials in the industry like wood mouldings, acrylic glazing with UV protection, and acid-free mats and foam core. Premium is our starting point.


The solid wood border that frames your art

  • Built from solid wood.
  • Available in premium finishes like hand-leafing, veneer, and gesso.
  • Custom cut and joined to make your art truly one of a kind.
Foam Core

The strong, lightweight backing that adds strength and rigidity to your art

  • Acid-free backing to keep artwork smooth and supported
  • Dry mounted using a reversible heat activation process
  • Float mounting, hinge mounting, or even sewing are available options
Printing Paper & Inks

For digital uploads

  • Archival inks
  • Printed on premium lustre or enhanced matte paper
Mat Board

The decorative (sometimes colorful) border that visually separates your art from the moulding

  • Acid-free mat board used to separate art from acrylic.
  • Available in a multitude of colors.

The clear glazing that protects the front of your art

  • Lightweight and beautifully clear
  • Superior UV protection and shipping durability compared to glass
Kraft Paper

The decorative backing that keeps dust out

  • Seals the back of your artwork to keep out dust and debris–vital for preservation
  • Cute, custom design
Hanging Hardware

Hardware attached to the back of the frame

  • Corresponding nails and hooks are also included–all you need is a hammer!
  • Based on the size of your frame - sawtooth hangers, hanging wire, or corner brackets.

We frame every piece like a masterpiece

Handcrafted with care

With old school craftsmanship, new technology, and serious attention to detail, our craftspeople custom build every frame at our studios.

Quick turnaround

There’s no reason to wait forever for your framed piece. We get started once you place your order and keep you posted every step of the way.

Ready to get started?