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Spotlight on Queer|Art: Celebrating Love, Art, and Activism

by Framebridge Editorial
June 03, 2024
3 min read
C. Finley. Queer|Art Mentor Curator, Artist
Liz Collins. Queer|Art Mentor Multi-Media Artist

Framebridge is so honored to work with Queer|Art, a non-profit arts organization serving a diverse and vibrant community of LQBTQ+ artists across generations and disciplines. Born in 2009 out of the recognition of a loss of role models for a new generation of LGBTQ+ artists, Queer|Art works to provide individuals within their community with the tools, resources, and guidance they need to achieve success and visibility for their work at the highest levels of their field.

Together, we’re framing art that celebrates stories of love, art, and activism—a selection of bespoke prints that will be featured in their gallery show this summer. 

Here, we’re sharing art by some of the Queer|Art artists and mentors, as well as stories about their involvement in this special community and what Pride means to them.

“Pride for me is the celebration of unique people who are brave enough to live their lives authentically and unapologetically.” - C. Finley 

“For me, Pride is a celebration and honoring of who we are as queer people in the world. Our lineages, our present, our future.”- Liz Collins