Stories from Our Brooklyn Gallery Wall

We are so excited to open the doors to our Brooklyn store in Williamsburg! The first thing you’ll notice when you walk in is an epic 40-foot long gallery wall with almost 100 framed pieces. It’s huge. Along with wares and nostalgic gems from NYC (yes, even a plastic bodega bag), we crowdsourced photos that reflect our Framebridge community in the city. Here are some of the best of BK. 

photo of woman carrying child in brooklyn
Avalon frame

“The day my son turned four.”

—Harjot B.

photo of boomboxes in black wood frame
Black Walnut frame

Record Shop, Red Hook by Darren L.

photo of stoop with neighbors in brooklyn in gold frame
Richmond frame

“Our annual block party—THE event to be at.”

— Jordan & Barry, aka The Brownstone Boys

photo of man and woman in backyard in gold detailed frame
Georgetown frame

“Sometimes you just have to accept a Brooklyn backyard for what it is (and is not).”

—Donovan S. Photo by @wildembersphoto

photo of frenchie dog in brooklyn bridge park at sunset in walnut frame
Walnut Wide frame

Mr. Carson, Brooklyn Bridge Park’s most famous Frenchie.”

—Matthew G.

photo of two friends eating pizza in silver frame
Dover frame

“Best friend visited so we had to go to Best Pizza.”

—Emily L.

photo of woman with dog on stairs to brownstone in gold and black frame
Providence frame

“Some people say dogs can’t live in the city, but they sure can live in Fort Greene.”

—Kara S.

photo of boy in jacket in walnut wood frame
Black Walnut frame

“Henry, right before his baby sister was born. We wanted him to know he was pretty special right before this big change!”

—Amy M.

selfie of friends at block party
Mercer Slim frame

BK Block Party!

—Sierra R.

photo of dog costume contest in gold bamboo mandalay frame
Mandalay frame

“Chester, as the Doggie Llama, at the 2016 Fort Greene Great PUPkin Halloween Costume Contest. This family shows out every year.”

—Allison R.

photo of little girl on scooter crossing street in white Irvine slim frame
Irvine Slim frame

“Skyler Rae’s morning commute.”

—Amanda A.

photo of baby in swing at playground in ash wood frame
Ash (Gallery) frame

“Oscar at the playground! Photo credit: Momo (grandma).”

—Katharine O.