Stories from Our Atlanta Gallery Walls

We opened not one, but TWO stores within a week in Atlanta—Buckhead and Westside Provisions—and we couldn't be happier to be in the city. Feeling *peachy*, even. As has become customary, we crowdsourced photos from the community to include on an epic gallery wall in each store. Here we share some of the stories from ATL.

Photo of girl and man in swimming pool
Walnut (Gallery) frame

Photo by Dana Lev as part of her “Permanent Vacation” photography project, leaving Israel to travel the world.

Photo of two women on rooftop celebrating gay pride in red Madrid frame
Madrid frame

“2020 quarantine Gay Pride photoshoot”

—Marisa M.

Photo of two boys in halloween costume on stoop in white frame

Montauk frame

"Pre-trick-or-treat excitement in the midst of their Star Wars obsession."

—Susan A.

Wedding photo of man and woman with two children in silver frame
Dover frame

“Our family motto is ‘2+2=4’”

—Jamina C.

Photo of girl at aquarium looking at jellyfish in white frame

Irvine Slim frame

“My daughter watching the jellyfish at the world famous Georgia Aquarium”

—Julie G.

Photo of baby smiling in burlwood frame

Cairo frame

“Briggs is here!!”

—Jenn D.

Wedding photo of couple in landscape in gold frame
Bowery frame

“Iain and I were friends for a decade before we started dating.”

—Jenn H.

Photo of protester with daughter at black lives matter protest
Black Walnut (Gallery) frame

“He was so proud of her and her initiative in wanting to protest.”

—Laura R.

Photo of four friends on vacation
Cherry with White frame

“On our first exploration day of Marrakesh we explored the Bahia Palace to reconnect with our royal roots. #blackgirlmagic”

—Porsche H.

photo of family hugging with grandmother making tamales
Ventura frame

“I took Shelby to meet my grandmother for the first time, and we spent the day learning how to make homemade tamales.”

—Scott D.