Pepper the Pupper

Meet Pepper, a 3.5 year old

doberman pinscher and Instagram model.

“I found my own Instagram feed being taken over by pictures of Pepper on our adventures. Before I knew it, Pepper had more friends than me!” Pepper’s owner Ema said. “So it just became logical that she needed her own page.”

On her page Pepper the Dobie, Pepper poses in costume, on the beach, with her family.  “She is a fiery ball of energy!” Ema said. “She thinks she’s this super independent alpha dog but she’s really just a big baby who loves to snuggle with daddy and play with the kids.”

Ema commissioned this painting from Zaira Dzhaubaeva.  “I love the colors!” Ema said. “ I feel they are an accurate visual representation of Pepper's personality...her joy when she sees me after eight hours away at work always turn my day into a positive.”



Framebridge: custom framing for big babies


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