Meet the Artist: Jenmanship

In Jenn’s hypnotic videos on Instagram, her brush slides across the paper, expertly layering color as her watercolor calligraphy comes to life. It appears effortless, a sign of true mastery.

It may come as a surprise that Jenn has only been painting for two years. When her twins were six months old, Jenn quit her corporate job to spend more time with them. “I was immersed in motherhood. It was difficult, all hands on deck,” Jenn said. “I really needed something of my own, separate from the bottles and the diapers.”

Whenever she scrolled through Instagram, Jenn would notice how other artists wrote beautiful lettering. While she appreciated the art, she never thought she could create something so engrossing.

But that changed when Jenn made a discovery one day. “I found an old paint pallette in my parent’s basement,” she said. She thought to herself, “I’m just going to do it.” She made a goal to paint every day for 100 days, turning to a community of calligraphers on Instagram for encouragement and inspiration.

“It helped me find my voice in art,” Jenn said. “It helped me determine that this was what I needed to do.”

Now when Jenn sits down to paint, she thinks about the beauty of small moments, mornings with her kids, the park outside her window. “The beauty of a word and the power of a message really inspires me,” she said. She hopes that people will find their own meaning in her art. “I let people interpret it the way they want to. I let it seep in and ask people to find their own inspiration in it.”

We’re giving away two original watercolor paintings by Jenmanship.

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