Coat check ticket (with my lucky number) from the night we starting dating

 Coat check ticket float mounted in our Rosemont frame

"This is for my now husband, who I've known for 13 years. We knew each other but were never really close. I went to a friend's party and it turned out he was there. We kinda hit it off and the rest is history. 

Thirteen has been a magical number in my life. Whenever it pops up I know something special is going to happen. And that night at the party when I checked my coat I got this ticket.

We had our first official date on February the 13th so we use that as our anniversary in addition to our wedding anniversary. But yeah, I saved the coat ticket. I don't think he knows I still have this. I'm going to surprise him with it for our anniversary - 13 on the 13th. He's not a gushy emotional guy, but I think he'll appreciate the sentimental value of it."

- Lindsey Brittain, artist and friend of Framebridge



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