I Get It From My Mama

Is there anything better than that photo of your mom's (formerly) permed hair? Or that photo of her with an old boyfriend and those killer high-waisted jeans? We think not. As we get ready for Mother's Day, we're feeling grateful she kept those perfect jeans and passed on the lessons from that bad perm. We're feeling grateful for her always supportive words, her warm hugs, and her incredible strength.

As we reflect on our own moms, we're also feeling grateful that we get to work with so many stylish, creative mamas everyday here at Framebridge. We've shared so many great motherhood stories over the past few weeks, to close it all out we asked a few of our favorite Framebridge friends: We love your spirit, style, and skill - did you get it from your mama?

Emily Henderson | Founder, Style by Emily Henderson

"My mom is actually not particularly into style and she hates shopping, which is downright hilarious if you knew my shopping habits. She is, however, very into being resourceful and making instead of buying, which I certainly got from her. She taught me to sew, refinish furniture, and recover my own fabric lampshades when we were kids. She taught me how to not be a snob, and to appreciate a good thrift store find. She now takes a lot of pride in their very pretty renovated home, but I think she doesn't have the same desire to redecorate it every single day like I do with my house."

- Emily Henderson, Style by Emily Henderson


Shilpa Shah | Co-Founder, Cuyana

"My mom is so elegant. She has this unbelievable ability to put together looks in an interesting way through mixing-and-matching materials. Her jewelry taste is very classic and she finds a way to style it with everything. She taught me how to build an outfit with a special focal point in mind. She buys few things, but they're always investment pieces. She took saris that were my grandmothers with traditional gold threads and made them into these beautiful, modern pieces. She reinvents her most coveted pieces all the time. In a way, she inspires the philosophy of Cuyana. She's not scared of color or fresh materials--she has this amazing eye. I've adopted her creative approach to dressing, and investing in pieces I love."

- Shilpa Shah, Cuyana


Caitlin Kruse | Editorial Director, Glitter Guide | Founder, Style Within Reach

"I love my mom's free spirited style, she's always encouraged me to be true to myself -- emphasizing true beauty radiates from within, not from the clothes a person wears. I hope I can instill those values in my daughter. She's been wearing Birkenstocks since I was a baby, rarely wears makeup and lets her naturally curly hair just "be" -- I wish I had the confidence to be a little bit more myself some days!" 

- Caitlin Kruse, Glitter Guide


Devon Cruse | Founder, Devon Rachel 

"Not only has my mom given me the best 'one -liner' tips a girl could ask for (#SouthernBelle), she shaped my style and creativity in so many ways. She instilled in me a strong love for doing it myself, whether it be entertaining or putting together outfits. She has always taken risks and made decisions based on what she loves- trendy or classic. Most importantly, my mom influenced me to strive to be the best I can be in all aspects of life. I hope I can be half the woman and mother she is!"

- Devon Cruse, Devon Rachel


Coury Combs | Founder, Fancy Treehouse

"My daughter endlessly inspires me. A lot of my creativity is fulfilled by prepping my own outfits for the everyday, and now I have even more fun than I ever could have dreamed styling hers. I hope someday when she's grown she can have the same fun getting dressed and think of me and how much joy I get from it."

- Coury Combs, Fancy Treehouse


Natalie Pinto | Co-Founder, The Fashionably Broke

"Our mom loved to dress us up alike when we were little.  I mean, how much cuter does it get than that?  But when we weren't matching, she let us express our personal style... Any way we wanted to.  Of course, I didn't always have the best taste in fashion, but having her support always left me feeling confident during my personal style journey.  At 28 years old, as a style influencer and editor of my own fashion website, I realize how much her support inspired me to try new trends, take risks, and feel comfortable in my own skin (and outfit!).  And, she's my favorite person to shop with now!"

- Natalie PintoThe Fashionably Broke


Joni Lay | Founder, Lay Baby Lay

"My mom wouldn't call herself a creative, but she certainly inspired and encouraged my creativity with endless coloring sessions and tirelessly reading books. I would make her trace illustrations from my favorite children's books over and over. I loved to watch her draw, and reading together truly spurred my imagination. I was always, always making things, and she always encouraged me and never made me feel silly for my efforts, no matter how they turned out, which I think has made me feel like any idea is worth trying, and at the very least I'll learn from it, even if it doesn't come together exactly as it is in my head."

- Joni Lay, Lay Baby Lay

Truly though, is there anything better than a throwback photo of mom? Happy (almost) Mother's Day to all of the incredible moms that inspire - and support - us everyday!

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