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How to Transition from Summer to Fall with Framebridge

Photo by @em_henderson and @zekeruelas with art framed in our Sonoma, Carson, and Mercer Slim frames. 

As the mornings grow crisp and leaves litter the sidewalks,

it’s time to turn your home into a cozy retreat.

To help, we pulled together our favorite ways to use frames and art to transition your home from summer into fall. So light your best candle and cuddle in for the read. Here are five ways (and lots of inspiring photos from our customers) to help you get in the autumnal spirit. 

1. Black and White Photography 

Black and white photos are dramatic and striking, perfect for transitioning into Fall. Think photographs of buffalo posing on the horizon or classic images of the American landscape. Black and white photography can also be framed in a variety of styles. We love pairing it with silver frames, but simple black and white always look sleek and clean. 

Photo by @nest.out.west featuring our Dorado frame. 

Image via @spreadoffashion featuring our white Irvine Slim frame. 

Photo via @em_henderson with a large black and white family photo framed in our Mercer Slim frame. 

Our Favorite Frames for B&W Photos

Mercer Slim Newport Bolton


2. Dark Wood Frames

One of the easiest ways to get that cozy fall look is to add some lush, dark wood frames into your decor. It's all about embracing the wood's texture along with that deep color. Dark wood frames work with most art and photos and add a sense of luxury to any room. We especially recommend checking out our American Hardwoods Collection for more exposed grains and with a clear, silky smooth finish. 

Photo by @charmandgumption featuring the queen in our Jambi tiger wood frame. 

Photo by @fatorangecatstudio of a custom painting by @happymenocalstudio framed in our Walnut Gallery frame. 

Photos by @azurefarm in our Sonoma frame. Please note Sonoma is out of stock at the moment will be back this fall! 

Our Favorite Dark Wood Frames

Jambi Walnut Gallery


(Currently out of stock, but will be back soon!)


3. Deep Colors 

Deep, jewel-toned hues easily make the transition from summer into fall. Get the look by framing art, textiles, and photos with rich plums, mustards, olives, mauves, and maroons. Bonus points if you hang it on a dark wall. 

Image by @alexisreneesassard with art in our Marin frame. 

Photo by @cambria_grace with our Mercer Sim frame. 

Photo by @homemadehappinest with art by @clareelsaesser in our distressed white Montauk frame. 

Our Favorite Frames for Deep Colors

Ash Gallery Sonoma Bolton


4. Classic Gold Frames 

You can't go wrong when you go for the gold. Classic profiles like our Richmond and Georgetown frames feel warm and full of tradition. And we can't stop talking about Potomac, the gold frame that literally glows in the sun. Capture some of those late summer rays and bring them indoors for fall. 

Photo by @weboughtamanor with art by @clareelsaesser in our Potomac frame.

Photo by @burtbrisplease of The Half Wall Grid in our gold Georgetown frame. 

Photo by @nolongerwonder with our classic Richmond gold frame. 


Our Favorite Gold Frames 

Richmond Potomac Georgetown


5. Vintage and Found Objects 

We can't get enough of old, found art and objects. The deeper colors and textured edges give your piece a truly custom feel. Opt for a float mount to really show off your piece. As for the frame, you can go with a sleek modern frame for a lovely contrast or choose to use a traditional frame style. Want even more inspiration about what to frame? Check out Things You Can Framebridge

Vintage blueprints float mounted in our Irvine frame.

Original Chinese watercolors from Hong Kong framed in our Providence frame. Photo by @sarah_w_studios

@marisapinson found this old art print in her parents garage and framed contrasted it's vintage vibes with our clean white Irvine Slim frame. 

Our Favorite Frames for Vintage Items

Providence Richmond Mercer Slim


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