He's Chilling


“My dad... he's just cooler than the other side of the pillow. He's always in a good mood... He's chilling.”

- Aaron Colvin, Jacksonville Jaguar, on his dope and always-supportive dad


One look at the 90s throwback pics Aaron Colvin framed for his dad and you’ll understand where he gets his style. His bookshelf full of menswear guides and vintage board games says it all... That swagger is classic. But his fashion sense isn’t the only thing his father gave him—when he tried to quit football as a kid, he simply wouldn’t let him. Even though Aaron was mad then, he’s so thankful now.

His dad’s always been in his corner.

If we’d all had dads (and older brothers in rollerblades) who held us up to dunk when we were four, just imagine where we might be today.

Happy Father’s Day to all dope dads.


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