Golden Gate National Park

The #2 Most Framebridged National Park

Everybody knows the Golden Gate Bridge. The iconic, dazzling red that stands high above the blueness of the Pacific Ocean, wrapped elegantly in fog. It's one of the reasons Tony Bennet left his heart in San Francisco. But did you know it's also a “National Recreation Area” (and the most visited unit of the National Park System in the United States)? 


“This was a magical SF day, sunny and warm and no fog, and we made the most of it, exploring the parks and city and learning the fascinating history of the Golden Gate Bridge too!”—@lisalightslife


“We both wanted to be on the same side of the photo. This is so typical of us.”—@candicechudson


The Golden Gate Bridge has the ability to reinvent itself on a daily basis. The beauty comes from the angle of the sun, the rolling of the fog, or the fearless surfers riding the waves, which were particularly big that day. I remember posting up trying to get the shot...what I didn't plan for was also getting soaked. You win some, you lose some!”—@bails422


“We made our way down to the Golden Gate Bridge for this iconic photo-op. The day was a perfect blend of sunny skies and fog, all you can ask for with SF weather!”—@eljimbro