Take a Hike (Then Get Engaged)

undefined                       Marcus popped the question at St. Mary's Lake overlook in Glacier National Park. Derek said yes.

Fifteen people. Two families. One RV. And a ring. 

Marcus was going to propose to Derek on the St. Mary’s Lake overlook in Glacier National Park. And both of their families would be there for it.

“No, we have to get to St. Mary’s Lake,” Marcus denied requests to stop for hikes and photos. Derek’s parents and Marcus’ sister (who was holding the ring) knew what was about to go down, but nobody else did. So the rest of the family was confused as to why they were rushing—in two vans—all the way across the park to get to this one spot.

Once they got to the overlook, all fifteen of them, Marcus gave his sister “the nod,” and she slipped him the ring. Then, in front of the sparkling blue of St. Mary’s Lake, Marcus got on one knee and popped the question.

“I was in shock the first day,” remembers Derek. It was nice to be around family, where they could celebrate and begin discussing what a wedding would look like. It brought a whole new joy to the rest of the vacation. “Cloud nine.”

They have a wedding date set for this fall—September 4. So far, they’re confident Minnesota’s guidelines will allow the wedding to go on as planned. Fingers crossed. 

For Derek, Pride means “being comfortable in your own skin, happy with who you are, celebrated by those around you.” He doesn’t want to sound corny, but according to that definition, Pride is every month. In June, there’s just more pomp and circumstance. Marcus agrees. He thinks Pride is also about “living life equally and authentically,” which this happy couple will continue to do, until their wedding and beyond. 

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