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    2019 Design Trends, According to Us

    Welcome, 2019. Considering the beautiful-but-unassuming neutrals, whites and soft leathers that adorned every home in 2018 (mine included), I must admit I’m glad to see what you have to bring us. So here we go—my predictions for the 10 interior design trends you’ll see everywhere in 2019. Enjoy!

  • Ynyodkq4sgabkphi9hnh

    Old Chicago, Framed Anew

    The story of how actual 19th Century Chicago School architectural details made their way into our frame collection and onto your walls. The Framebridge Archive Collection is available now.

  • Wesdvrtd6raggpixry8q

    The History Behind Bamboo Frames

    Let’s talk bamboo. The bamboo style we know and love today originated from the French term Chinoiserie, a design style that was 17th and 18th century Europe’s interpretation of Asian culture. During that period, Europe became obsessed with the Far East due to its booming trade with China.

  • O4hx0usdrmwvrsvhaeja

    How to Framebridge Your Kitchen

    Having a dinner party? Inviting your family and friends for Thanksgiving? Whip your kitchen into shape with just a few clicks and well within your budget. True custom frames can be delivered to your door in days (and before your in-laws arrive).

  • Ecy19czproaaxehvnouz

    Affordable Art You Can Impulse Buy

    Art doesn’t have to break the bank. Between digital downloads and prints, you can own beautifully framed art you love without reconfiguring your budget. We rounded up some of our very favorite places to shop for affordable art that looks like a million bucks.

  • W4nhkntqcmzzvt13dzq7

    Embroidered Photographs & Family Roots

    At SwatchHub, Brianna Fano creates captivating pieces from a variety of materials. Her most recent series features original photography printed on canvas and strategically embellished with beads and thread. Here is the story behind Brianna’s new collection in her own words.

  • K8qw5s9bsyynbf54dycn

    5 Dad Photos Everyone Has (And How to Frame Them)

    While every dad is one-of-a-kind, we're betting that you have some of these iconic dad photos. Whether you grew up in the 90s and have grainy pics like these tucked away in a photo album somewhere or if you're snapping iPhone shots of your kids every. single. day., we know you have these photos. And they make great gifts. Just saying.

  • Rcjk6fhrrlqqmo1d7vim

    5 Gifts for the Graduate

    Congratulations are in order! Earning a diploma is a big freaking deal. Celebrate their accomplishments with a gift as one-of-a-kind as their school experience.

  • Qpvklw2hqfigxkcukhws

    10 One-of-a-Kind Gifts for Mom

    Your relationship with your mother is totally unique, and her Mother’s Day gift should be too. The good news is that a gift she’s love is probably already on your camera roll - or in your attic.

  • 85arzpyertqclrx6etfp

    Green With Envy

    From rich emerald to playful mint, we love the drama and freshness of green interiors. To celebrate the first buds of spring (and only day it's acceptable to drink green beer), we rounded up some of our favorite verdant interiors from real Framebridge customers.

  • Iytvr1k5rvepkdbdyrim

    10 Truly Custom Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

    We get it. Valentine’s Day can be a lot of pressure, whether you just started dating or have been with your partner for forever. Either way, you can (and should) go beyond a card and grocery store carnations. We’re here to help.

  • Fsbroyh2qta1ep2ezfcu

    Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts In 3 Steps

    Love is a lot of things. Most of them can be custom framed. A perfect Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to be high pressure, nor should it be. Compared to Christmas gifts and Birthday presents, the perfect Valentine is low stress and maybe even a little silly.

  • Ovakkempqhilh0yropd1

    10 Design Trends to Up Your Style Game in 2018

    2017 was a good year for design. We saw a lot of brass, a lot of steel windows and, let’s face it, a LOT of white kitchens. As much as we still love these looks, I’m excited to march into 2018 with a whole new crop of design #goals on my list.

  • 6d8mac7vsiq8pq66zgdz

    5 Ways to Mix Woods in Your Home

    To mix or not to mix? Long passed are the days of perfectly uniform furniture sets (thankfully), but that raises the question of how to mix wood tones and finished in your home in a way that looks natural and eclectic.

  • 75kcfyprsnczwxelvqaz

    5 Reasons Why Custom Framed Gifts Make the Best Gifts

    You’ve probably given someone a framed photo before, even if it was a 4x6 school portrait that you mailed Grandma for her birthday. But framed gifts can be so much more inventive, creative, and deeply personal. Here are five reasons why custom framed art, photos, and objects make the best holiday gifts.

  • Etawwpsiq8uxmjqszj3x

    Nate Berkus and Framebridge: Design Love is in the Air

    Award-winning, world-renowned interior designer meets interior design disruptor? Yes, please. We’re excited to announce that interior design icon Nate Berkus is joining us as Framebridge’s new Creative Advisor. Nate’s award-winning design firm, Nate Berkus Associates, is defined by its approachable yet elevated ethos, a mission we’ve always identified with.

  • 3gg7bkorrlesxms5q2ih

    The (Un)usual Haunts

    Witches and black cats, mummies and zombies, sewer-dwelling clowns and the whole prepubescent cast of "Stranger Things" - yep, it's that time of year. Love it or hate it, the ultimate witching hour approaches. Bring the spooky vibes indoors with clever interior design tricks that capitalize on your year-round decor.

  • Ljbac70msqgsymkbgoda

    Inside the Frame: A Guide to Framebridge Materials

    By sourcing premium materials directly from manufacturers, we drive down the cost and kick up the speed of traditional custom framing. Made with solid wood mouldings and precision-cut acrylic, our frames are handcrafted right here in the U.S. The result? A beautiful piece of the highest quality in the industry, custom made just for you.

  • Vyxwll9r7wxu3li5bsms

    Meet the Framebridge for Target Collection

    When our friends at Target came to us with an opportunity to team up, we were thrilled. They approached us to create six custom frames for Target guests,This collection represents the quality and craftsmanship you know from Framebridge.

  • Hngoc8f1rju78lptj9yz

    Print and Frame It: SpaceX Posters

    Remember when NASA/JPL-Caltech released a set of 15 poster files for space lovers (and in our opinion, design lovers) to download and enjoy for free? It was amazing. (And if you missed it, you can check it out here .) That release was such a hit with our team and ...

  • Axi4onkpttcfwaoauu14

    10 Thoughtful Gifts Bloggers are Giving

    The clock is ticking! If you're still looking for the perfect gift for someone on your list take a deep breath, and start scrolling. We've got some beautiful gifting ideas for you. They'll never know how easy it was for you to be so thoughtful. Just don't stay too long--our ...

  • H7zvjgutq3awtogvcznq

    Best of the Best: Family Photo Gallery Walls

    Family photo gallery wall in our Mandalay frame | Via Haute Off the Rack Gallery walls are an undeniably beautiful way to tell your family's story. Through smart frame style choices and a thoughtful layout you can create a collection of all the memories that matter most. We get it ...

  • Lrmlnuxurmggdfhvm9tf

    Our Favorite Frames for Summer

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="5221.0"] Gallery wall featuring Irvine, Irvine Slim, Montauk, Monterey, Seabrook, and Palermo. [/caption] Anyone else diving head first into summer these days? There's something about longer days and warmer nights that makes you just want to go out and LIVE. Whether that means going on a trip ...

  • 0w3jnmcfrgg1cjisdbft

    The 5 Most Important Things We Learned From "Orcondo"

    Photos by Tessa Neustadt via Design Sponge We've been waiting not-so-patiently for months for the reveal of Orlando Soria 's "Orcondo" . Bestie and former right-hand man of another one of our favorite people, Emily Henderson , this Homepolish West Coast Creative Director really worked his design magic on this ...

  • 6nx5xzzyq9amh67wllkh

    Thanks, Dad: Six Gifts to Celebrate Him

    He taught you how to read, mow the lawn, and make the perfect pancakes. He gave you his good looks, that sense of humor (it's ok, we secretly love dad jokes too), and passed down that random Christmas tradition you used to think was really stupid but now think is ...

  • 4lbfpujtq6ogica0cbsh

    7 Things You Never Thought to Custom Frame

    Don't get us wrong. We love framing photos, posters, and art prints. They are a huge part of what you guys frame with us and we love seeing each and every one come through our studio. It is our duty, however, to inform you there's so much more out there.

  • Rq3ashhpqnugbo1ucmoj

    Next Level Vignettes with Taffy Floral

    You guys have probably noticed this already but... our go to prop to style our frames? Flowers. They're fresh, fragrant, and bring a little of the outdoors inside. They can also add texture, height and volume to any space or corner.

  • Xuz9fg90tamc7bvdccqm

    Style It: Southwestern Dresser

    Something about this styled scene from Haven by the Bae made us stop for a minute. We're not sure whether it was the overall effortless feel, the subtle feminine touches, or the eclectic mix of accessories, but we had to share how you can style a look like this. Because ...

  • Q3pfc3jq8svxz8ungnzd

    5 Ways Frames Can Transform Your Nursery

    Gallery wall featuring art by Sharon Montrose in Richmond and "Welcome to Parker" by Gray Malin in Irvine Slim via Bishop & Holland[/caption] We've said it before and we'll say it again: we take a lot of our inspiration from you. Lately, we've been seeing you ...

  • Wufiiyrdgxx7a53sscfg

    Five of the Craziest Things We've Framed Lately

    When you think of frames you probably think of wedding photos, art prints and posters. We love framing those, but there is SO much more to frame than that! From scarves and travel mementos, to matchbooks and maps, it seems each day brings a new thing that's just a little ...

  • Sshfwysuwvzuznxfk2gg

    Print and Frame It: NASA Posters

    This just in: more proof NASA is the coolest. They recently released 15 poster files for space lovers (and in our opinion, design lovers) to download and enjoy for free. And we're loving 'em. From the looks ...

  • Rkfawzcxqhof0lmintmi

    How To Nerd Out Like an Adult: Music

    Music posters aren't just for dorm room walls. There's no reason why your style shouldn't continue to reflect your favorite jams post-graduation... but in an adult way. What distinguishes a college poster from an adult poster you ask? An emphasis on smart design and a unique point of view. And, ...

  • A63scvq8twxthl18duqk

    (Digital) Wallpaper Refresh: Valentine's Day

    We had so much fun with our Valentine's Day kraft paper and thank you card designs we couldn't help but find another way to share them with you. So, we've picked our three favorites, and transformed them into wallpaper to fit all your tech. Download your favorites below and Happy ...

  • Xvtqf816r1i7nmhysxke

    Frames in the Wild: Heartstagram

    Whether it's leaning on a bedside table, jazzing up your workspace, or rounding out a gallery wall, you guys are seriously rocking the Heartstagram. Here are just a few of our favorite ways you've been styling your Hearstas and brightening up our feed! @chrislovesjulia @saramueller @shelbyrblack @cakeandconfetti @amanda_holstein @sfgirlbybay @housesevenblog ...

  • Cmjud0iqjya5ldipy5rp

    Love It: Gold Wire Bedroom

    It's where you wake up, where you end your day, and where you spend so much of your free time (read: Netflix and chill). Your bedroom is pretty much a sacred space, so if it doesn't leave you feeling inspired it's time for a *makeover.* Looking for inspo? Start with ...

  • Gmdr9lewraioikiizboa

    Treat Yourself

    Whether you didn't get what you wanted, you need a frame or two to complete the new collection, or you've got a couple people you might have accidentally left off your list - we've got some ideas that are sure to save the day. Preview your frame on your your ...

  • 60tlrsftswa3pdjj3qq9

    Frame It: Vintage Ads

    They don't make 'em like they used to. Ads, we mean. The kind that were whipped up in a Don Draper-esque office while sipping whiskey and smoking a Lucky Strike. You know, the ones that make you think of your grandparents' house. A little time capsule back to another place ...

  • Qs9cizkstwbn3amgk6aw

    Style It: Smoke Bomb

    Ok, this print from A House in the Hills is "a thing" in the Framebridge office. We speak of often, and always in tones of adoration. We refer to it as " The Smoke Bomb." We're fans of many of the prints in the House in the Hills shop, but ...

  • 6hxc8j6crug02mutbz3g

    That Giftline Bling

    We're so excited to announce that starting today, our most creative elves are at your disposal: the Framebridge Giftline is live! Fill out our quick Gift Quizette , email us at , or text the giftline at 240-903-GIFT and one of us will be in touch with the most ...

  • Q4oucws3rdca6wmotnku

    Hostess Gifts with Splendor Styling

    Hi there! I'm Mariella from Splendor Styling and I'm thrilled to be sharing some of my favorite tips for the holidays with you. I just love the Holiday Season. It's time to get together with friends and family; enjoy good times; laugh and celebrate! I love the many special gatherings. ...

  • Q1fspf9lqqmksdpp9awc

    Gift It: Gifts Guys Love

    We know what you're thinking, "guys are impossible to shop for!" Well, this holiday season, we are here to convince you otherwise. And convince you that you can do better than whiskey stones, a six pack of beer, or the dreaded sweater. Get creative and gift your favorite guys one ...

  • Frame It: Hand Turkey

    Before the food coma hits, we have to pay tribute to the man, er...bird... of the hour. We caught this little guy, and gave him the star treatment. We went with our Sonoma frame to keeps things looking au naturel. Don't have a hand turkey? Grab some crayons and the ...

  • Qzsdotjr3inzbo7unlg6

    Frame It: Kids Art

    We know you have amazing art on your fridge. But should amazing art live on your fridge? Probably not! Frame the special pieces from your mini Monet and showcase their work in a whole new light. Here's how to do it in a way both parents and kids will love. ...

  • X1mqaajwqfiomlryp0g2

    How To Frame Family Photos

    Hi, it's Claudia, and I have a problem. A family photo hoarding problem. I have SO MANY family photos I love. Photos of my wedding. Of my parents when they were little. Of ancestors I never knew but look a lot like. You too? Yeah. It's a thing. But we ...

  • Qju8sprxr4knwbpskshy

    Gift It: Dad

    Last week we passed the mic over to Dave, our Customer Experience manager, to help us check Mom off the gift list . Today, we've got Matt, our VP of Marketing, to tackle gifting for the guy at the top of your list: Dad. Take it away, Matt! Being a ...

  • Ztkvnlsmqvq1vlzhn8wl

    Frame It: Needlework

    The careful counting, the tedious threading, and the oodles of patience: we have nothing but respect for these meticulously crafted creations. And there's something so nostalgic about needlework that kind of makes us feel like everything is going to be ok. We framed this holiday sampler with a white mat ...

  • Pf4miuvrekma528a5n5d

    Introducing: Framebridge for Business

    Finally, corporate gifting that's cool. And custom! Here's the thing. Stress balls and note pads are nice, but we think you should be giving your clients and offices a little more love. We're thrilled to announce Framebridge for Business : custom corporate framing for offices, beautiful client gifting and great ...

  • Rbo28gb9qfebo3c3jiqh

    Gift It: Mom

    Whether you're a make-a-list-and-check-it twice kinda guy, or a last minute OMG-Christmas-is-in-two-weeks kinda girl, this year we've got you covered. Our team has framed special pieces as gifts since we started Framebridge, so we know firsthand that Framebridge is the easiest way to be thoughtful. And it always fits! Whether ...

  • Cu3r1e3wste8bgxplljz

    Love It: Halloween House

    This, my friends, is where Halloween kicks up its feet at night. Just try and pick out all the holiday accoutrement in this awesome feature from our friends at Apartment Therapy . We started but quickly lost count after the mask mirror (yes, that's right, there's a mask mirror ). ...

  • 1mnyy2niqpycdqffftrp

    Frame Your Feed: Stella Maria Baer

    Help! We need to be brought back down to Earth. Take a look at @stellamariabaer 's Insta feed and you'll understand. Neutrals have never looked so good, or, for that matter, otherworldly. We're in love with the consistent thread the peachy pinks and chocolate browns give both her photos and ...

  • Islz4px2qwsvrwn6hnxm

    Gallery Walls: The Best of the Best

    In honor of the launch of the Framebridge Gallery Wall service, we've rounded up our favorite gallery walls from the past year. See one you like? Sign up for a consultation and let your designer know! You'll work together to interpret the idea for your space and your memories, and ...

  • Zvxubqqqxavhrp0waufy

    For the Love of the Gallery Wall

    Gallery walls are beautiful--we all know it! They're vibrant, energetic, eclectic, and they can perfectly fill any big, open wall, or small, awkward nook. But they can be much more. When planned well and designed thoughtfully, a gallery wall is an opportunity to share your personal story in an artistic ...

  • Kqwr6fyhtiqaosp4jk6y

    Frame It: First Dollar

    A present under your pillow from the tooth fairy. A memento from the day you opened your business. A tribute to Harry Truman. Whatever your cause for celebration - framing a special dollar is a great way to honor the moment. And have you ever really stopped and looked at ...

  • Vurd6mutoq3vbpgepiq9

    Frame It: Sports Swag

    Huddle up guys, we need to talk. Your favorite team deserves only the best, right? So why are you displaying your favorite jerseys, photos, and game day mementos with a bunch of thumbtacks?! Here's an idea: frame it. Check out all the awesome sports swag we framed below for ideas. ...

  • Bx4rtqy6tbwqez6ox33z

    Frame It: Maps

    In honor of Columbus's arrival in the Americas, we're taking an opportunity to pay homage to one of the tools that helped him get to the new world: the map. It's true, Siri has replaced our day-to-day need for these beauties, but they're far from obsolete! Maps are some of ...

  • Unkd07trcekmuxqbfhb7

    Frame Your Feed: Happy Mundane

    As a part of our #frameyourfeed movement, we're spotlighting an Instagrammer whose feed inspires us. Today we're highlighting our latest Insta obsession @happymundane . We love the bright colors, geometric lines, and clever arrangements that make up each and every photo, and how this account celebrates the beauty, quirks, and ...

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    Frame It: Blueprints

    They map the spaces we live our lives in and the objects we use everyday, but how often do we give them the acknowledgement they deserve? Unroll your gorgeous blueprints from their protective cardboard tubes, and get them up on your wall. What better statement piece (and conversation piece) than ...

  • Ekzv0ocpsrezuq8digko

    Love It: Feels Like Fall

    While we're sad to see Summer go, we're also kinda jazzed about sweater weather, hot apple cider, and crunchy leaves. In celebration of this beautiful season we've picked our best frames that just feel like fall. Here's a look at the frames we think will perfectly complement your fall photos, ...

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    Behind the Scenes: Styling a #Shelfie

    As you might imagine, we style and photograph spaces all. the. time. Beautiful styling plays an important role in showcasing beautifully framed pieces, because it shows how they give life to spaces. It's a really fun part of what we do here at Framebridge, but it's harder than you might ...

  • Ohwhcyjirpyaic9hdnnb

    Frame It: Wallpaper

    Finally, a long overdue ode to our most recent framing obsession: wallpaper. Forget any preconceived notions you may have. Wallpaper is your friend. (Especially for all you renters out there!) Buy a single sheet, frame it, and voila- a gorgeous statement piece to ornament your walls. We can't take our ...

  • Love It: Zoom Interiors + Giveaway

    We've partnered with the lovely ladies at ZOOM Interiors to give away this show-stopping painting float mounted in our black Heathrow frame. With its expressive use of deep navy paint this 36" x 48" piece is quite a beauty. Did we mention that with the frame it retails for over ...

  • Ro655gz3sgmeymdykrhx

    Love It: Sugar and Cloth + Giveaway

    We love the light and bright aesthetic of this design. Travel photos and prints ornament the walls throughout the space letting the fun memories live on. Want to get the look? We've teamed up with Sugar and Cloth to offer $250 toward your very own framing vision. Check out the ...

  • Mqkil644skua4qstixdo

    "Outer Space" for Kids

    We had so much fun rounding up adorable kids with our frames frames last week we had to keep the momentum going with this home tour from Design Milk . This residence was designed to indulge the creative spirit and encourage imagination. Abundant storage, simple finishes, playful touches (that moon ...

  • 3ljzmz7gqq6632gzzuyk

    Style It: Boxing Photo

    Today, we're taking our inspiration from the boys. Specifically, this boxing print by Neil Leifer depicting Muhammed Ali's knockout of Cleveland Williams during the 1966 World Heavyweight Title fight at the Astrodome. Its action packed subject, primary color palette, and unique aerial view make it the perfect starting point for ...

  • Ewek6j0yrgcvfsx0ctyt

    Love It: Kids + Frames

    It's no secret that we love framing, but you can't beat the reactions these kids have to their Framebridge frames. From high-jumping for joy to tender kisses these photos are what it's all about. Goldie high-jumps for joy over her new gallery wall . From @fancytreehouse . Oak kisses a ...

  • Oixjnh6lq2syaevqsdwy

    Style It: Floral Painting

    When designing a space, sometimes the challenge is to find the right piece of art to complement a room. Other times, you have a piece so special you find yourself styling the space around that one frame. Today, we're taking inspiration from this sweet floral painting by Source + Summit ...

  • Frame It: Summer Concert Memories

    There's nothing better than a great outdoor concert on a hot summer night. Here at the Framebridge office our team has been enjoying some great concerts and shows, perhaps none more exciting than Taylor Swift's 1989 Tour show at National's Park here in DC a couple of weeks ago. Watching ...

  • Uc1ahrovqiag4c7bdbvh

    Frame It: Postcards

    Whether you bought (and had every intention to send) a beautiful postcard from your trip to Yosemite, received a postcard from your best friend's travels abroad, or collect vintage postcards found at local antique stores, we all have special postcards stowed away for safekeeping. Dig them out of your drawers, ...

  • Zuvscu00sqi7vx6fala1

    Frame It: Kids' Art

    August is back to school season, which means you're soon to see an influx of kids' art begging to be displayed in your home. Finally you can frame your mini Monet's original artwork without breaking the bank. Because it's so bright and lively, kids' art looks best in light, clean ...

  • Q6cifee9suociyfxqzql

    What We're Framing: Homebrew Label

    My best friend created a very special homebrew for our last annual "Friendsgiving" dinner and I designed a label to go with it. I decided to frame the original linocut print in Jambi because it is just gorgeous and the warm tones play off of the Thanksgiving theme. We hosted ...

  • Ezrnb7rrru06uyrtzf6j

    What We're Framing: Venetian Print

    I framed a print from a trip to Venice. My husband and I had the best trip despite (or because of?) the fact that the entire city flooded. We drank "happy spritzes" and laughed a lot - a real vacation! I've had this print since 2004, but couldn't get it ...