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  • Ynyodkq4sgabkphi9hnh
    Old Chicago, Framed Anew

    The story of how actual 19th Century Chicago School architectural details made their way into our frame collection and onto your walls. The Framebridge Archive Collection is available now.

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  • W4nhkntqcmzzvt13dzq7
    Embroidered Photographs & Family Roots

    At SwatchHub, Brianna Fano creates captivating pieces from a variety of materials. Her most recent series features original photography printed on canvas and strategically embellished with beads and thread. Here is the story behind Brianna’s new collection in her own words.

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  • 3pantj3t2dhoein1dwqb
    Meet the Artist: David Parise

    Inspired by the craftsmanship and detail in Mattel's iconic dolls, photographer David Parise has broken them out of the box and taken them out to the beach... and the hotel bar... and the pool for some Slim Aarons-esque leisure shoots.

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  • Cguj8atusnagojq0fx1s
    A Barn Full of Memories

    The Pahls had idyllic barnyard wedding, and framed an art print to remember it by. "There were chickens running around, beautiful fields of wild flowers, lush greenery a gorgeous homemade wooden swing hanging from one of the large trees, most beautiful sky and it just felt so right."

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  • 2n4eubf5rmulv4f8hudy
    Dear Mom

    "There isn't a word to describe what it means to be a mom. There is literally no blueprint or guide to this process. Knowing that she’s inspired by me makes my heart so full. Even when I feel I’m failing, she sees someone she wants to be."

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  • 5hrdxchcq9aw90mnoieb
    Lemon Pie, Four Generations in the Making

    Sometimes, it’s the simple things that best connect us to the past. Last year, Sarah’s father started searching for his biological family. “My dad wanted to find out where he came from and where his roots were,” Sarah said. “I think he just always wondered where his biological family was."

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  • Mlulpujeqcoc9vzuvwly
    Gift of a Lifetime

    After her husband’s father passed away, Sara decided to commemorate his memory in a way that that her husband Jon could see every day, a gift that would recall another gift from years before. When Jon was 18, his father gave him his first car. "He was very moved by ...

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  • I6oo60k9rso5jkjtfup9
    Meet The Artist: Kelly Ventura

    You know what we love about watercolors? How effortless they look despite the careful patience and skill they require. Kelly Ventura's paintings are no exception. Read on to learn more about the thought and skill that goes into her light, bright compositions.

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  • Prgdgpgesomhk2t3schx
    I'll Love You Tomorrow

    Kate recently discovered this poem, neatly copied onto notebook paper and a bit rumpled around the edges, in her mother's journal. Though Kate's mom has passed, she left behind a series of journals packed with stories, musings, and poems like this one.

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  • 0hcrhxmtqbwusvngt0ws
    Most Likely Italy, 1910

    Smiling, drinking, and laughing, these trouser-clad women are having a blast. When Genna found this vintage photo at Chisholm Larsson Gallery, she was immediately drawn to these lively young women and the mystery behind their photograph.

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  • Ysddcpc7qiebzy58kl2e
    Mom and Daughter Recreate History

    Each day in February last year, this mother-daughter duo recreated a photo of an iconic Black woman for Black History Month. With a little makeup, a small collection of wigs and glasses, and lots of creativity, five-year-old Lola embodied Nina Simone, Michelle Obama, Harriet Tubman and others.

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  • Zmvzrbeftymopmyf4cnf
    Under the Venetian Sun

    Imagine falling in love. On a train. In Italy. With a stranger. That exactly what happened when Brandy met Fabio on a train traveling from Venice to Rome. “When I got off the train in Florence, I told my sister that was the man I would marry."

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  • Etawwpsiq8uxmjqszj3x
    Nate Berkus and Framebridge: Design Love is in the Air

    Award-winning, world-renowned interior designer meets interior design disruptor? Yes, please. We’re excited to announce that interior design icon Nate Berkus is joining us as Framebridge’s new Creative Advisor. Nate’s award-winning design firm, Nate Berkus Associates, is defined by its approachable yet elevated ethos, a mission we’ve always identified with.

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  • Ky4mqnrxszilxi9totbz
    Meet the Artist: Michelle Rial

    Michelle Rial thinks up brilliant, utterly charming charts. She draws them by hand with tiny block letter writing then posts them to her Instagram feed. An up-and-coming artist, Michelle’s analog medium appears perfectly at home on the Internet.

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  • Lbawsnd0rmmmwluzvdsn
    Meet the American Hardwoods Collection

    American grown material. Beautiful grain. Natural finish. The American Hardwood Collection is the first of its kind: naturally finished solid wood frames that are grown, milled, and built in America. The collection contains three hardwoods prized for their unique grains, durability, and characteristic patina that comes with age. We’re proud ...

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  • 4jc5sikzqbowgo4wmq5s
    Written in the Stars

    From the Third Coast to the West Coast, Kasey and Greg’s family has been defined by two unforgettable nights. The couple memorialized the nights their children were born with customized star charts.

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  • G9jj3bkxrbgjzkf4vgdk
    In the Center of It All

    While most girls spend the weeks leading up to their wedding finalizing hair appointments and seating charts, Emily was hitting the books to research the ultimate wedding gift for her husband-to-be. “I wanted to give Steve (the king of thoughtful presents) a really good wedding gift!,” Emily said.

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  • Lmqqcahpttm0gqvcgph6
    Pepper the Pupper

    Meet Pepper, a 3.5 year old doberman pinscher and Instagram model. “I found my own Instagram feed being taken over by pictures of Pepper on our adventures. Before I knew it, Pepper had more friends than me!” Pepper’s owner Ema said. “So it just became logical that she needed her own page.”

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  • Xwm22mk7qwod019lh1b7
    Styling a Perfect Little Space

    Above the the shampoo bowl in Little Space Salon gleams a photo of a pair of scissors. Patty created her Brooklyn salon as a retreat from New York’s never-ending business, a place to unwind and feel at home.

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  • P6wz2un6q2wamgutf6gs
    Cuteness Overload

    An original painting of June (baby) and Roy (dog). “I have always had a weird obsession with my dog. He's pretty much my favorite person.” -Colleen, keeping it real Colleen adopted Roy as a puppy. At first, she worries that he was overly anxious. “He has serious social anxiety and ...

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  • 2tbdntyzroutqingaekj
    Frame Lift: Escher Print from Parents' Garage

    Marisa grew up with this Escher print in her childhood home. She recently rescued it from her parents garage and reframed it. (Don’t worry, it was only a little moth-eaten.) “My dad bought the print in 1974,” Marisa said. “Even when I was little I always loved the piece. It's ...

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  • 2mlpfb6at8wmnxqh9ffq
    Chewie on This

    Lisa and her family recently welcomed their newest family member, Chewie. While the name may seem ironic for a puppy (shoes, curtains, and stray fingers, watch out), the tiny Wheaten Terrier is a fluff of pure joy.

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  • Mybrdkosuecvw5gal39w
    Raising Justice

    On a trip to the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., Shannon spotted an enormous painting of the women of the Supreme Court. Inspired by these women as role models for her infant daughter, Shannon hoisted baby Sylvia into the frame while her mom snapped this photo.

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  • Jmeffd6sshevsktulrbz
    Neighborhood Fixtures

    Tessa grew up in Morningside Heights, a pocket of vibrant urban life tucked away in upper Manhattan near Columbia University. After years in LA, Tessa returned home to visit her parents. On a stroll through her old neighborhood, camera in hand, she spotted this duo playing chess on the street.

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  • Nfweomrnqpuhabhvdqc1
    Five Alpacas Walk Onto A Farm

    Imagine giving up life in the city, trading hustle for stillness, car exhaust for crisp air, and sirens for the quiet hum of cicadas. Although her friends thought she was crazy, Annette did just that and moved to a farm an hour outside Atlanta, Georgia.

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  • 6ykpyksqtxphcazhcwc1
    Lavez Les Mains

    "I like the illustrative quality and the cheeky way it's telling you to wash your hands,” Fanny said of this instructive print by artist Eric Junker . "Prints are a great way to add an update to a room without spending a ton of money."

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  • 8t3giqaqsfgmpqpbxr9b
    Streaming Down the Road

    We love road trips. After all, who doesn’t love rushing down a stretch of empty road, wind swirling around you, the promise of adventure on the horizon? And life on the open road never feels more old-school that in an Airstream.

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  • Pdtjdme0r4sbsvwxx0je
    She’s Got This Covered

    A treadmill and a writing desk dominate the office of historical romance author Katherine Lowry Logan . On the wall behind them rest six book covers and a slew of marathon medals. This one room contains the dual passions that defined Katherine’s life: writing and running.

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  • Hjjekzyirgcdsi0jneao
    Total Eclipse of the Art

    Here at Framebridge, we scrambled to find the last pair of sold out eclipse glasses as the sun and moon inched closer together. In that moment, we envied people like Domenique and Bryan, people who booked their trips to the path of totality a year in advance.

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  • 7c0zyr4gqcqkgqljy0lu
    Run Like a Bull (But Faster)

    This summer, Liza and her family traveled to Pamplona, Spain for the iconic festival of San Fermín, also know as the running of the bulls. Liza’s husband ran through the historic streets with the bulls.

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  • Kkcm5gmerxuigl6udbpf
    A Trio of Fridas

    Brittany’s wall boasts a trio of Frida Kahlo portraits: one art print, one drawing by her 7-year-old son, and one sketch on a note Brittany slipped into her son's lunch box on the way to school.

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  • L53bgqyhr7snqljikqic
    Artists of Framebridge: Taryn Harris

    Taryn’s paintings are dramatic and surreal. She disliked art until college when she finally had compelling art teachers. Now, she’s booking shows and continuing to hone her skills. “This piece came together over the period of a year,” Taryn said. “It represents that people have many different faces."

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  • Blil7fyfr3yguzjqlepx
    A Poet Who Just Didn't Know It

    After her grandfather passed away last year, Liz read through a massive collection of poems he left behind. “Later in his life, my grandfather developed quite a knack for poetry. ‘I'm a poet I just didn't know it,’ he once told me. As he described it, old memories or feelings would come flooding back and he'd rush to put pen to paper."

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  • Excgaiuqodqxgwcuqmqo
    Walking The Way

    “The Camino in particular taught me to live in the moment and to become a better listener. Rather than make plans that would ultimately change, I just walked, knowing that everything I could need was either on my back or on the road ahead. And as a solo hiker, I learned to strike up conversation with all kinds of people, to listen to their stories, and to share my own.”

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  • Jjyfhecorb3w2tknpzrt
    Phish Eat Donuts

    Arguably no band has a more dedicated fan base than Phish. The rock band had been performing for over 34 years keep their fans coming back time and again to hear their improvised jams.

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  • Hdxq6zcrqawax5krbzzk
    "I Do" Hinges on the Meet Cute

    Two years ago, Marisa didn’t believe in happy endings. But then she matched with Chris. Right away, Marisa knew they had potential. In his picture, Chris was wearing a Cleveland Browns shirt. “I’m a huge Buffalo Bills fan,” she explained. “I was like, okay if he cheers for a losing team like I do, maybe we’ll be a good match.”

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  • A2orcbdqsbs7y0ysk0yn
    Artists of Framebridge: Eric Winter

    Artists of Framebridge highlights the talented people who handcraft every frame in our US factories. Meet Eric Winter, an expert craftsman. When not engaged in a building project, Eric paints surreal images, drawing inspiration from artisan traditions.

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  • Jeq0icqmrqiukzhscazh
    Childhood Revisited

    As many parents will tell you, kids grow up fast. Cue a million photographs, home videos, saved art projects, stuffed animals packed away in storage. We save so many memories, we forget we have them at all.

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  • Dew95immtruqshajmjfb
    Grandma's Got a Story to Tell

    "Without photos, I fear I would forget the lovely little details of my grandparents’ lives. I’m lucky to have had four grandparents who were very much involved in my life, from birth until now. They were a constant, positive presence in my life. And although I only have one grandparent still living (a spunky Italian grandmother who is approaching her 94th birthday), each of my grandparents breathed life into my story."

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  • 63omqqutsvmhmwp34dqm
    Show off your Vice

    Every year, Vice Magazine releases a photo issue centered around a single theme. This year, it was Idols . Vice scouted 16 up-and-coming photographers and asked them about the photographers who have most inspired them.

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  • Hq16em2aqmoxujalvfov
    This Dog is a Brand’s Best Friend

    Founder and Creative Director of SCOUT, Deb designs colorful, highly functional bags that transport anything and everything. Deb named SCOUT in honor of her pet dachshund, and the brand’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. pays tribute to this tiny dog with a massive gallery wall.

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  • Jaxzluekqfiteluexmmf
    A Book a Day

    Meagan's English teacher in high school gave her this copy of "The Catcher in the Rye" to read during class, complete with his notes. She accidentally on purpose never returned it.

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  • 4ospkrb9qyuleyamo2cy
    Hong Kong on My Mind

    When Sarah’s parents took her on a trip to Hong Kong in the 90s, they sparked a lifelong love of travel and curation. During the trip, Sarah wandered into a department store full of chinoiserie lamps, vases, and art...

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  • Ecz93juxtjunbs5qlxsi
    Put on Your Dancing Shoes

    How do you teach passion? As Tia begins to raise her infant daughter Gemma, she plans to lead by example. Here's Tia in her own words. “When I was 3 years old my mom bought me my first pair of ballet shoes. Dance was my first passion..."

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  • Umpxxdtauk72cvh3ufgq
    Stay Gold

    Pam and Eileen are celebrating 40 years of being best friends this month. They met at their first jobs, Pam working as a dental hygienist and Eileen managing the office. “We were instant friends,” Pam said.

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  • Wnkyvvpdse6quiinbds5
    March of the Commuters

    “The juxtaposition of a polar bear carrying a Louis Vuitton case across the Arctic tundra immediately made me chuckle. He has the same determination as a commuter weaving through Grand Central Station on a Friday afternoon."

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  • Qfqjrurqsieorrfh4acg
    Family Photos Get Meta

    Mary and Jon’s whole story can be summed up in a single, ever evolving image. When on her honeymoon in Florida, Mary found a reclaimed wood frame and decided it would be the perfect souvenir.

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  • Omrkecsxqqwpgdzaxnav
    Friends To the Ends of the Earth

    There are scores of books, movies, and articles about love long distance. But what about long distance friendships? Deb met Laura in Hawaii, beginning a friendship that has spanned more than 30 years. “We became inseparable of mind, but didn’t see each other very often.”

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  • Hubz1oygqdme5j5ztgmu
    Dam Good Photos

    Photographer Chase Jarvis once said, “The best camera is the one that’s with you.” Travel photography is vastly appealing, but if you leave your camera at the hostel you’ll never make the image that transports you back every time you see it.

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  • 3vhhzbd7ryehwoacjkpw
    Justice Supreme Meets Her Meme Team

    From her legendary workout routine to her internet fame, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has become a pop-culture icon. The 84-year-old Supreme Court Justice is strangely appealing to millennials, who have expressed their fandom in Halloween costumes , manicures , tattoos and everything in between. But where did the obsession start?

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  • Fg5ovyyeqxea7xcsbhd9
    Love is Kind

    Hannah is an expectant mom. Reflecting on this new chapter in her life, she came back to where it all began: with her parents.

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  • Clu0wnmfrvauh4fcz62j
    Meet the Artist: Jorey Hurley

    Artist, illustrator, and author Jorey Hurley does it all. She studied art history as an undergrad before obtaining a law degree rapidly followed by a degree in design. Art was always in her blood, however. Her family is full of painters, sculptors, architects, photographers, and more.

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  • 704sutvqhmegt6fsb1ht
    School’s In (Forever)

    A slight crispness on the breeze, big yellow buses trundling down the road, new backpacks and freshly sharpened pencils - it’s that time of year. Here at Framebridge, we love learning and still feel twinges of nostalgia when school starts up again.

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  • Mcwjg0nsqx2gikaywlux
    10 Frame-worthy Adventures in Nashville

    Caught by the siren call of Music City? Us too. Visit Nashville, Tennessee to see the shows, delve into America’s richest center of music history, and explore a rapidly reviving city center. Remember to take lots of pictures, and never pass up on the souvenir poster.

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  • Rci5botgrcy5omv44sgt
    Meet the Artist: Vana Chupp

    Raising kids isn’t all rainbows, butterflies, and sweet smiles. Parents everywhere can attest to the utter exhaustion of protecting and nurturing a tiny human. Yet there are specific moments - a child asleep in your arms, exuberant giggles, tottering first steps - that make up for the frustration.

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  • 8pjwxcvfq1nyzoq6wbq1
    Over a Couple Stiffs

    Human cadavers, dissection lab, and stuffy lecture halls may not suggest romance, but when Julie stepped into the first day of summer school, her life changed forever.

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  • Xxwrv6enqpmmaducyq2b
    Extreme Window Shopping, Home Edition

    We hear about the power of intuition, but how far can you really trust your gut? Tamon and his wife Zaria recently put their instincts to the test in the ultimate high-stakes challenge: navigating the Washington, D.C. housing market. “We were probably about a month deep into looking, and we ...

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  • Kwukgcd2tnssx0yf1yd2
    Chasing a Dream

    Any Minnesota girl will tell you that warmth is overrated. After 14 years of California sunshine, Brittany moved her family back to her home state of Minnesota in search of wide open spaces, the endless outdoors, and slow living. They traded a small two-bedroom apartment with no yard for over ...

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  • Unxkvj3mssia3fj8nxe8
    Call Me? Maybe.

    As Ashley tells it, she was bartending at a wedding when one of the groomsmen circled around for more drinks. At 6’5”, he was just her type. After double fisting a round of shots, he worked up the courage to ask for her number.

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  • Dlfaqbssxxhc3iotvlwn
    Rules of the Fort

    From the humblest blanket forts to epic tree houses, fort building is a quintessential part of growing up. Many parents will tell you how much their kids love playing in cardboard boxes, but Bethany’s kids took the classic box fort to a new level. They built a whole kingdom, government ...

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  • 4a9n5nlttcsjyk35n0qq
    Love at First Flight

    Katie met her husband on the dance floor. Imagine Katie’s dress twirling as she spins into the arms of a handsome stranger. Yeah, it wasn’t like that at all. At her friend’s wedding in Iowa, Katie was most concerned with catching up with old friends from college. “But there was ...

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  • 9bsqgoiarkoe6zihai20
    The Comedy of Taylors

    Two Taylors walk into a wedding. What follows is a strange tale full of mistaken identities, odd coincidences , and mended rivalries. Shakespeare couldn’t have plotted it better.

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  • Bb6xd4hjt3euuzwhnjjb
    Meet the Artist: Megan Elizabeth

    “I feel like my brain is like a camera. I don’t even take pictures really, I just absorb what’s around me and then later I’ll paint something. It’s stuck in my subconscious and then it comes out, which is legit magical.”

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  • I1bby4uvrzkfedjygwpx
    Finding Prints Charming

    Here at the Framebridge office, we love books. And we love kids. So our recent partnership with Penguin to bring beloved children’s books to life in the form of limited edition framed prints was a big hit in the office. Parents and single twenty-somethings alike had instant favorites among the ...

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  • Kngaj8nsbml8rpb4ljml
    Thinking Of You

    Writing postcards - stamped, dated, and signed - is perhaps a dying art form. While antiquing along Charles Street in Boston, Brittany discovered a time capsule: stacks of postcards from the early 1900s featuring Boston and Nantucket landmarks.

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  • Gndcg5aqnusepvfot7xt
    Street Art? Très Parisien.

    Lindsay’s version of “veni, vidi, vici” is “we ate, we drank, we shopped.” And for that trifecta, there is no better city than Paris. On her most recent trip to the City of Light, Lindsay hadn’t planned much more than sitting on a street corner, people watching and sipping rosé. ...

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  • Jgh48gukrmmoqxf6jjsr
    Enclosed: American Dream, Front Porch Included

    Infusing her small home with memory and warmth, Kristen is building an emotionally sacred space for her growing family. To celebrate their first year of marriage, Kristen gave her husband the perfect gift: a framed sketch of the house they share, a house steeped in the couple’s history.

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  • I2fikhdtro2yogdpwscj
    Road Warriors

    The same week each year, Adam’s family went the beach - for 20 years. They would pile into the vans at Grandpa’s house in Fancy Gap, VA and drive 7+ hours to the beckoning shores of Ocean Isle, NC.

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  • Mlsaff8dsj20o3rtisvf
    Meet the Artist: Lauren Marttila

    Lauren comes to Nantucket by way of New York City and is what islanders call a “wash ashore.” Meant to describe a person who migrates to Nantucket, an island thirty miles out to sea, the term just so happens to perfectly describe Lauren’s photography, too...

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  • L5jvv1vsdmqvmra2jgj8
    Etched Into Memory

    While at Hamilton College, Kate was a studio art minor focused on watercolor and oil painting. As undergrads do, she decided she wanted to try something new and enrolled in an etching class. Her first subject? The college chapel...

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  • Agtp8vpessojvkifjmrr
    A Company of Three

    “This gift caught us by surprise and really symbolized the meaning of a wedding and this part of our life together.” - Erin Humphreys, Chicagoan and newly-ish wed, on the piece that she and her husband reflect on every day Erin ( @seehappinessthrough ) had a pretty exciting package day ...

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  • Fte8d6j1qtsfq23e4mgq
    An American(a) Tale

    “I charted a pretty casual route down the east coast, through the southern states, and back up the west to Seattle… I always thought it would be really fun to visit Dollywood because it’s such an unusual and specific place.” - Eleanor Cleverly, road tripper, on her Parton pilgrimage Eleanor ...

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  • Jphhiryzqfqmhhpwgg6r
    Southern Charm

    Even though my little sister and I never went to Charleston when we were that young, I saw myself in it with my little sister...

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  • 5ovpi2kqqkgsbeoexbwx yourparentsasteenagers melodyfrierson%20(2%20of%201)
    Your Parents as Teenagers

    Melody Frierson comes to D.C. by way of Mississippi with a story in her back pocket. She’s always been fascinated by family photos and assumed when saw tiny old photos of her mom...

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  • Yonpi4d1tdc0r0ynugmc 061217 fa nfl fathersday aaroncolvin 012
    He's Chilling

    “My dad... he's just cooler than the other side of the pillow. He's always in a good mood... He's chilling.” - Aaron Colvin, Jacksonville Jaguar, on his dope and always-supportive dad One look at the 90s throwback pics Aaron Colvin framed for his dad and you’ll understand where he gets ...

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  • Kazshtzqsauazwv3wwfh 061217 fa nfl fathersday djswearinger 008
    Beast in Training

    “When he's 18, hopefully I'll have prepared him for the best ...I know he'll be ready for the world.” - DJ Swearinger, Washington Redskins, *brand new* dad Day Swearinger, age 14 (days), is the son of a pro football player and the grandson of two basketball players, so it’s safe ...

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  • Rimig5nospqzuyzwbin6 061217 fa nfl fathersday djsmoot 009
    Festival Fish Fry

    “My dad's like a nonstop hustler. He does anything and everything he has to get it done.” - DJ Smoot, Jacksonville Jaguar, on his relentless (in a good way) dad If you enjoyed a delicious fried fish sandwich from a food truck at one of the many Ohio summer music ...

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  • Da2lmbsetqca5o5eyikt 061317 fa nfl fathersday trentmurphy 001
    Grinding in the Weight Room

    You might imagine that a guy once described by Sports Illustrated as playing with a“deadly serious scowl wedged between his bald head and lightly grown beard” is one in a long line of deadly serious, scowling men. And you’d be right.

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  • Zefukppsuawpw4abwzg4
    Art I made in college for my daughter's nursery

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2500.0"] A piece of original art in our Mercer Slim frame with a white mat | Via Francois et Moi[/caption] "Back in college I made this piece for a class called 'Color and Design in 2 and 3 Dimensions'. The assignment was super tedious. We had to ...

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  • Bgeqwzrhq3gxreamdaka
    Lincoln Gets Frisky

    It was based on Abraham Lincoln, but they wanted the photo shoot to be provocative, involve tools that were going to be put in the restaurant, and have Lincoln hats.

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  • Kdaagv74s1gr4ibjxnsa
    CommonBond frames commissioned art for their office

    Framebridge Let's all take a deep breath and say it together now: student loans. Two words that come with a whole lot of baggage and stress. Enter CommonBond . Founded in 2012, this New York City company has set out to shake up this very frustrating market. Through their refinancing ...

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  • Gsfsnvbetxgoe4nro5gz
    Bowie album cover for my friend Nic

    "I framed the cover to David Bowie's best album, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. This particular album is from the original run in the early seventies. It was from my dad's ...

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  • Tlkjxxyq1cj1qvmr7ip2
    Happy Thanksgiving from the Framebridge Team

    Friends, On behalf of the team at Framebridge, I would like to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful that you have shared so many wonderful stories with us over the last year. When you frame with us, we share in your victories, your adventures, and your happiest ...

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  • X6pna5bdtmwbdfrfwhqp
    @galmeetsglam gifts family photos

    Family photos in our Augusta, Hudson, and Providence frame styles | Via Gal Meets Glam "A while back, I remember receiving my very first Framebridge photo as a gift, a photo of Thomas and me in Napa. It's one of my favorite gifts I've received (as a couple you have ...

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  • Fa2lfvh0rc2xfvic9nka
    Sapna frames her tiny dancer

    "From the time she put this dress on, we were reminded of how our kid, despite making everything harder, can just make everything so much better and more memorable." What did you frame with us? I framed a picture of my daughter Rumi at the Alhambra in Spain. What makes ...

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  • Uzqhqzg9r2wge4jekcyf
    @chelsesabirdd gifts Instagrams

    Instagram in our Irvine Slim frame with a white mat | Via @chelseabirdd "With this holiday season being the first of many in our new home, it feels extra special to gift an item that was one of the very first pieces we hung up on our walls when we ...

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  • Bgciaytrlic4cjkdlr2q
    Framed Recipe Card from @samkeats

    Recipe in our Bolton frame with a white mat | Via @samkeats "Seeing one of her handwritten recipe cards has always been a meaningful thing for me - I love cooking hugely in part because of her. I can promise you that this framed recipe for Lemon Love Notes will ...

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  • Smkvkxjorgeam0ni8tv4
    James frames Thailand and Myanmar

    James' travel photography in our Rialto and Olympia frames Where to begin? Photographer (and friend of Framebridge) James Jackson is the best. We first met him online through Instagram where we were captivated by his colorful photos and thoughtful point of view. That was just the beginning. Offline, James is ...

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  • Lnhdlrvztfcjurs1lnyh
    Taylr Anne frames Matisse's blue nude

    Via @taylranne She's a fashion and lifestyle blogger, a photographer, and an artist. Taylr Anne has cultivated a delightfully boho aesthetic influenced by her world travels across the country and the world. So, what does a traveling creative's home look like? And what exactly does she frame to make her ...

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  • 2vedjje1r4orqma9ridh
    Artist Carolyn Misterek frames her first handbag prototype

    Photos courtesy of Rachel Maucieri The cool thing about framing is that we get to celebrate quietly with you as you mark all of your amazing moments in frame--birthdays, babies, family gatherings, and even your proudest career milestones. Today, we're sharing a framed career milestone that's a little bit different ...

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  • Vmn4vkc2sjonkijngchs
    Artist Leslee Mitchell frames her photography

    You probably know her from her colorful matchbook car prints , but let us talk a minute about all the ways we love *all* of photographer Leslee Mitchell 's work. This Nashville native has an eye for all sorts of subjects--weddings to interiors--and an amazing ability to tackle it all. ...

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  • 3xskvtrfrscwtseb3jxa
    Artist Juniper Briggs frames her paintings

    Juniper Briggs in her Virginia studio Sugar, spice, and everything nice. That's probably the best way we can describe artist Juniper Briggs . We were first introduced to this Virginia artist through her fierce, fabulous squad of femmes on canvas. Her painted ladies are full of emotion, and after chatting ...

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  • Vdcfktcvshi0wmx0hn5p
    Hotel Carmel frames art for their rooms

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1000.0"] Triptych of beach photography in Cairo with special mat sizing[/caption] Getting art up on the wall is one of the easiest ways to make a space feel like home. And for a hotel, that home sweet home feeling is especially important. For our friends at the ...

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  • Lbftfja3rerc94vqqn4b
    Alexandra frames her baby bump

    We thought we'd finish this year's series of Father's Day stories with a beautiful young family and a celebration of their dad to be, Andrew. We've been fans of mama Alexandra for a long time. More ...

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  • Bdizxrbtkiz76hv5o7bw
    At Home With: Marina B.

    Home tours often showcase how a new homeowner has successfully navigated the nonsensical bones of a new house to create a beautiful, personalized space. Well, welcome to the flip side. Lawyer and art lover Marina B. built her Los Angeles home (Mar Vista to be specific) from the ground up, ...

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  • Ctamrjzsfyctff4wu7ce
    Framebridge for Business: Sugarlift

    Sugar lift (def): a printmaking process that showcases an artist's brushwork. And! A company connecting budding art collectors with their first (or next) piece of original art. Founded by Wright Harvey and Bart Piela, this New York City based startup is making it easy to break into an often cold, ...

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  • 5an6w96q4oukxgktns6m
    Teresa gifts an Instagram

    Valeria Boucas with an Instagram Mini photo of her dog in our Marin frame. Every piece we frame has a story. Sometimes it has two. This adorable puppy photo was a gift between sisters, so we thought we'd hear the story behind it from both of them.

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  • Fvqul858ttmgmlokteea
    What We're Framing: Festival Poster

    Say hello to Framebridge team member, Mark. An artist himself, Mark truly understands the value of the craftsmanship that goes into each frame. His artistic eye comes in handy in his role on our finishing team - where he assembles all the component pieces of your frame: moulding, mat, art, ...

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  • Cyjqhqm1spaapkxfno1d
    I Get It From My Mama

    Is there anything better than that photo of your mom's (formerly) permed hair? Or that photo of her with an old boyfriend and those killer high-waisted jeans? We think not. As we get ready for Mother's Day this Sunday, we're feeling grateful she kept those perfect jeans ...

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  • 2wziegfnrmycbnhimqf1
    Molly and Sara Jo frame three generations

    From left to right: Lucy, Molly, and Sara Jo. The only thing better than seeing family photos come through our studio, is hearing the stories. As you know, as we get ready for Mother's Day we've been hearing and sharing a stories from real moms that inspire us. Today, we ...

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  • Yn5wjtjrfgrzabdqjnno
    Ferris Ride with Mom

    She's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom. She's got the smarts of Tina Fey, the lovable quirk of Amy Poehler, and the sass of Amy Schumer. Meet mama and comedian Brie Schmutte and her three kids.

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  • Cagiccsb2ij7kc5nnusq
    My Story: Art to Mark Our Engagement

    Name: Heather Hemmeger Where is home? Indianapolis, IN What do you do? I work as a community pharmacist, and in my free time, a hobbyist photographer. What are some of your favorite things? I love photography, interior and graphic design, yoga, travel, and my spoiled cat, Rory. [caption id="" align="alignnone" ...

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  • 4pccs8stjqatphi8h43a
    My (Love) Story: Family Tradition

    Our next love story is all about that thing that distinguishes one family from the next: tradition. We all have them, but what they are, the way we approach them, and the people we share them with is what makes them truly unique. Today we're featuring Rebecca from the lifestyle ...

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  • Jqwucwt4tbgxrr9pkxyq
    What We're Framing: Tattooed Mermaid

    Say hello to Framebridge team member, Rob. Rob has been with Framebridge from the start, and has always been the first to help us celebrate each milestone. So, we're excited to take some time to celebrate him. Rob is an important part of our finishing team, which means he assembles ...

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  • Ribriyqr8cjufobcj3v9
    At Home With: Michelle Solobay

    If you follow us on Instagram , you know we absolutely love seeing our frames in the wild. We love seeing how you guys live and how you choose to display and share your favorite framed memories. We wanted to dig in a little deeper with some of our customers, ...

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  • My Story: Ireland Film Photo

    Where is home? I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. My husband and I were both born and raised here, which is incredibly rare. We love Charlotte because it is a relatively big city but it still sometimes feels like a small town. What do you do? I'm an Environmental Engineer, ...

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  • V4irpd1gtu6kxxnjrmes
    Meet the Artist: Gretchen Roehrs

    You've probably seen her work on your feeds, or maybe you caught her on Rachel Ray . Meet Gretchen Roehrs, the woman who is single handedly proving it should be socially acceptable to play with your food. Learn more about the lady behind these fashionable fruit illustrations.

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  • 0dswdycpqmceqeocurwa
    My Story: Genealogy Chart

    Where is home? Cape Cod, MA What do you do? I am a photographer and blogger. What are some of your favorite things? My husband, my children (and our dog), lemons, Anthropologie mugs, and candles are the first things that come to mind. What did you frame with us? My ...

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  • Ugcppxootuellevyooik
    Artist's Story: Benjamin Mackey

    Name: Benjamin Mackey (Hi, Benjamin!) Occupation: Illustrator/Comic Maker (We always love a good laugh.) Art Medium: Adobe Photoshop, graphite and ink, and acrylic paints. Favorite studio tool/supply: Wacom Tablet and this super rad Pentel Pocket Brush Pen I just picked up Artists you love: Giambattista Tiepolo , Eric Fischl , ...

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  • Iurgmw5wtngwo1dfm5vj
    At Home With: Sam Ushiro

    Occupation: I'm the CEO and founder of Aww, Sam! But I have an educational background in Product Design, which I do as a freelance job. Where's home? I currently live in a loft space in Brooklyn, but I'm originally from the mitten state, Michigan! Sources of inspiration: I love to ...

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  • Gvoqumhqkofhj9rwj0vj
    My Story: A Map for Each Home

    Who? Sarah Jung Where is home? Boston, MA. What do you do? Marketing Manager at a financial services company What are some of your favorite things? As my Instagram description will tell you - loved ones, food, coffee, travel, exercise disguised as fun, and beer. What did you frame with ...

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  • P8dsc0kztw6zliot4cbl
    My Story: Anniversary Art

    Where is home? Brooklyn, NY with my husband, Ricky, and our puppy Pomeranian, Gif. What do you do? I'm the Lead Designer at a tech startup called Datalot . I also own a 3D printed limited edition jewelry company called Mynlyn . What are some of your favorite things? There's ...

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  • Mdpsnkkyqeaogss7zif2
    Behind the Scenes: Girl Power

    A little story about Framebridge, girl power and why art can mean so much, from our Creative Director, Tessa. I'm sure you've seen this piece, called " Two Archers " by Samantha French , in our Instagram posts and on our marketing materials. It's one of our all-time favorite art ...

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  • Mqmtjygirsqy8rkqdmcc
    Frame Your Journey: Wyoming and Montana

    She's hit the ground running! It's been a busy two weeks since our friend Carla left Philly for her cross country road trip and we were like kids at Christmas waiting for her next update. (Quick recap: we're following artist Carla Weeks as she embarks on a *crazy amazing* four ...

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  • Fap6jirwtverczztojsh
    Introducing: Frame Your Journey

    Meet our friend, Carla Weeks ! Formerly a display designer at Anthropologie , Carla is now embarking on a four month road trip that will span three countries and twenty-three states. (Wow!) We will be following along throughout her journey - posting updates and framing artifacts she collects and sends ...

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  • Eegofqzqzstulbzwcwba
    My Story: Calligraphy Inspiration

    Who? Katherine Sherrie. Where's home? Having spent most of my childhood in Sydney, Australia, I will always call it home. For the past year and a half though, I have been living in Dallas. I relocated here to be with my Texan girlfriend of 4 years after an extended period ...

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  • Convert
    My Story: First Art Purchase

    Who? Nicole Tone, Interior Designer and Framebridge customer. Where is home? Chicago, Illinois. What do you do? I'm an interior designer. What are some of your favorite things? Silk velvets, lazy weekend mornings and a good horror flick. What did you frame with us? A print of Eulogy by Stephen ...

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  • Npljow4armmfoe0esypz
    What We're Framing: Australian Bird

    We've been sharing stories of what our customers and artists frame, so we thought it was time to share what we frame! Today, Claudia, our Head of Content, is sharing one of the first things she framed with Framebridge and why it's meaningful to her. "One of the first things ...

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  • Qfdfg4gttouixawzqcjd
    Artist's Story: Sister Golden

    In this Artist Spotlight we introduce you to the dynamic mother/daughter duo behind Sister Golden , an online boutique celebrating creativity in art, jewelry, home goods, and more! Brooke lives in San Diego, loves boutique-ing with a coffee in-hand, working - she likes to say her job and hobby are ...

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  • Ktehan6fshgyxius3tyd
    My Story: Forestry Memory

    Elisabeth Hancock lives in Alexandria, VA and works at an education solutions company. She loves dogs and wine. What did you frame and why is it special? I framed an antique print of a pine cone. My dad's a forester, so I think of him each time I look at ...

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  • Hkgksd4s3g5okhf9bxjg
    My Story: Punchy Painting

    Ryan Beiermeister lives in Washington, D.C., works in technology, and loves pops of color, peppermint tea, making art, and great doodling pens. What did you frame and why is it special? I have a large blank wall in my home that was craving something special, so one Sunday I whipped ...

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  • Gozdgxnzqt2ljerg1oa6
    My Story: Berlin Architecture

    Sheena Murphy is from London, lives in Brooklyn, and is an Interior Designer who loves dogs, granny smith apples, and vintage and handmade ceramics. What did you frame and why is it special? I framed 36 images of architecture in Berlin. I visited the city about 18 months ago and ...

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  • 3zc3owwrsgqhlicxgtml
    My Story: The Belefonte

    Brian Englishman lives in North Jersey. He writes music for TV, commercials, and film; and he loves coffee and traveling. What did you frame and why is it special? I framed an original illustration of "The Belefonte" which is the ship from my absolute favorite ...

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  • Rbvgeaoxqzkg1po4k9g7
    My Story: Michigan Cows

    Lisa Cervone lives in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, is a portrait/lifestyle photographer , loves traveling out West, and is crazy about big ugly dogs! What have you framed and why are they special? I've framed two separate cow prints from a shoot at a farm animal sanctuary in Mid-Michigan. They were ...

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  • Lgbl4eult6iwklhw4j8y
    My Story: Pink Nudes

    Lauren Pendleton - Lives in Nashville, Tennessee by way of Houston, Texas. Interior Decorator for Boxwood Interiors and Lauren Pendleton Design . Loves a good margarita and chips and queso. What did you frame and why is it special? I framed a series of original pink nude watercolors by Inslee ...

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  • 8y3hlozwsrcvshzjhich
    Introducing: Newport and Richmond

    We’re excited to welcome the newest members of our Classic Collection - Newport and Richmond . These antiqued metallic frames are timeless and classic, and they look great with any decor style. With their thin colonial profiles and warm, distressed silver and gold finishes, both frames are perfect choices for ...

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  • 7dauukjtioslcaw8wa9q
    Opening Day!

    I dreamed of starting this business so everyone could frame things they love. I told friends, potential investors, and anyone who would listen that I'd know we were successful when people framed things they might not have been able to frame had we not existed. In our pre-launch beta period, ...

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  • 1qqspjbrs8ktncw5g6hn
    What We're Framing: Neon Lights

    A few years ago, my fiance's mom gave him this print for his birthday. When she shipped it to our apartment in DC, the glass that was used shattered in the box. He loved the print so much that we hung it anyway. For my first Framebridge project, I reframed ...

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