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    How To Edit Your Travel Photos

    Let's be real. One of the most satisfying parts of traveling is taking that thumb stopping Instagram, the image you'll return to again and again and think, take me back. right. now.

  • 2qyzdcctzuuijwmfwxwy

    How to Choose the Perfect Photo for Dad

    Moments matter to your old man. Dads are tough to shop for. When he claims he “doesn’t want anything,” he really means, please don’t get me another razor that’s also a flashlight. Or socks. So here’s the good news. A gift dad actually wants is just a few clicks away ...

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    How to Choose the Perfect Photo for Mom

    Give the gift that no one else can. Literally. Ahh, searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. It needs to be classy, thoughtful, and somehow indicative of the crazy, sweet, stressful, one-of-a-kind relationship you share with your mom. Easy, right? Right.

  • Tvadi83asuz1i7arhto9

    How To Frame a Ticket

    Everything is going digital, and we're mostly ok with that. Except when it comes to all those wonderfully nostalgic paper tokens--like movie and concert tickets--that are slowly becoming obsolete. Of course, photos are a great way ...

  • Inrah2xdrhs3tcruhqch

    How Framebridge Works

    Framebridge is the first, best and easiest way to custom frame everything you love. And it doesn’t require you to go anywhere (praise the internet). With clear pricing starting at $39, free shipping, and expert designers who are always happy to help, Framebridge is making true custom framing accessible and delightful.

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    How to Frame a Scarf

    A few months ago I made this scarf at an art festival in Baltimore. I saw a grandfatherly old man sitting at a booth, surrounded by ink bottles spanning the whole spectrum of colors.

  • Fsbroyh2qta1ep2ezfcu

    Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts In 3 Steps

    Love is a lot of things. Most of them can be custom framed. A perfect Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to be high pressure, nor should it be. Compared to Christmas gifts and Birthday presents, the perfect Valentine is low stress and maybe even a little silly.

  • 6d8mac7vsiq8pq66zgdz

    5 Ways to Mix Woods in Your Home

    To mix or not to mix? Long passed are the days of perfectly uniform furniture sets (thankfully), but that raises the question of how to mix wood tones and finished in your home in a way that looks natural and eclectic.

  • Svlwtjltqq1hgxzeg7n4

    How to Decorate with Eucalyptus Plants

    Meet the Australian plant that Americans are obsessed with. This soft, sage green plant has captivated bloggers everywhere. With its hearty stalks and soothing scent, eucalyptus is a perennial favorite here at Framebridge (but we love it extra at the holidays). From silver dollar to true blue, we can’t get enough. Here are our favorite designs incorporating eucalyptus.

  • 1vlywmcwr2qztuvmxpbx

    How to Make Copies of Old Photos

    Have you ever cracked open a yellowing album of old family photos? Peering down at your great grandparents’ young, smiling faces you feel transported. Here's how to create and frame digital copies of your old family photos.

  • Olddebdtgk8xurggrwhi

    5 Easy Ways to Prep a Dining Room for Entertaining

    Company's coming, and your walls just look so... boring. Fear not, friends. We got you. The easiest (and quickest) way to spruce up your space? Frames. Duh. Ordering takes less than five minutes, and within days you'll have your art and photos delivered to your door.

  • 6klftbrlsdmgnrv04vma

    How to Hang Large Framed Art with Corner Brackets

    If you ordered a large piece (meaning the longest side of your frame is over 32") you'll receive corner brackets. They may look intimidating, but corner brackets actually make hanging large works unbelievably simple. Plus they save you from having to straighten your art over time.

  • D5xeiowrqwza31twiadv

    Dorm to Dream Room in Four Easy Steps

    Transforming a dorm room into a restful retreat means overcoming cinder block walls, fluorescent lightning, and scratchy industrial carpet. We pulled together our favorite budget decorating tips to make even the barest spaces feel like home.

  • Zz8w1uxgr3krkpei5r1e

    How to Decorate with Kids' Art

    Kids do lots of adorable things, but the seemingly endless stream of art they bring home from school? It can be a little overwhelming. How do you show your kids that you’re proud of their work while maintaining your personal style? Thankfully, we have the answer.

  • Xtyyxbapqewge9ayvpoq

    How To Float Mount

    All your float mounting questions answered. Want to frame something old or textured? Float mounting will raise your art or object above the mat to create shadows and depth. It’s a dramatic, elegant look with timeless appeal.

  • P5gz1soorm2erjvyjrd6

    How to Create a Grid Gallery Wall

    From choosing to measuring to hanging, we have you covered. The gallery wall trend is here to stay, but with so many iterations on the classic salon style gallery wall, it can be hard to find the right combination for your space, budget, and style. Meet the grid gallery wall.

  • 5bwe9eemqporj3mjer81

    How To: Frame Your #tbt

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2500.0"] A few great throwbacks in our Newport frame style[/caption] The best part about Thursday? Posting the perfect #tbt on Instagram. The internet gets a little nostalgic, double taps and comments abound, and all is right with the world. But what happens to those photos once you've ...

  • Lrzgpzusacj54fjopy6y

    4 Tips for Gorgeous Phone Photos

    Via @emilyloeffelman If you're anything like us, the photos you love the most were probably taken on your phone. BUT, you don't want them to look like they were taken on your phone. To help you add a little professional edge to your pics we've enlisted a few of our ...

  • R5letrmbs9c2agwibgcw

    How To Frame a Polaroid

    Grid of polaroids float mounted in our Mandalay frame | Via Love Taza Instant photos are coming back in a big way. Whatever your device of choice - Polaroid, Instax, photobooth - these tiny pictures look awesome framed. So grab 'em off your dresser and un-wedge them from you mirror. ...

  • Bgciaytrlic4cjkdlr2q

    Framed Recipe Card from @samkeats

    Recipe in our Bolton frame with a white mat | Via @samkeats "Seeing one of her handwritten recipe cards has always been a meaningful thing for me - I love cooking hugely in part because of her. I can promise you that this framed recipe for Lemon Love Notes will ...

  • 3zfr0v9ystchhcb51hpx

    How To: Frame a Jersey

    We want to help you get your most treasured team jerseys out of the bottom drawer and up on your wall. You'll never want to resort to thumbtacks once you see how sharp they look in a clean frame against a bright white background. To get started, just head to ...

  • 11wwb9jlsl65jayluwz1

    How To: Frame a Postcard

    Postcards float mounted in our Georgetown frame with a mat They're more than just a travel souvenir, ya know. That's right, framing these little works of art is a great way to commemorate a trip, an epic thrift store find, or even a low-tech message from a friend. We love ...

  • Hvb2wvz4tao0pxwwczce

    How To: Edit Your Instagrams

    By the looks of our framing studio, we know you love framing your Instagrams . We can't blame you - it takes about five minutes and costs you $39 to get a favorite pic printed and framed. So good, right? To help you get your 'gram looking its best we've ...

  • H7zvjgutq3awtogvcznq

    Best of the Best: Family Photo Gallery Walls

    Family photo gallery wall in our Mandalay frame | Via Haute Off the Rack Gallery walls are an undeniably beautiful way to tell your family's story. Through smart frame style choices and a thoughtful layout you can create a collection of all the memories that matter most. We get it ...

  • 59cs5gv8reqqgipkodi8

    How To Frame Your Diploma

    We know how hard you worked to earn your diploma. And we want to help you get that prized piece up on the wall. Here's everything you need to know about how to frame your diploma. Welcome to "Diploma Framing 101".

  • Convert?width=600&fit=max&quality=80

    How To Hang Your Art

    So, your piece arrived from the Framebridge studio and now it's time to get it up on the wall. Don't worry, it's not as scary as you think. And we're here to help you every step of the way. Let's get started! Step 1: Decide where you'd like to hang ...

  • How+to+frame+a+flag?format=2500w

    How To Frame a Flag

    Flags are good for more than just flagpoles, ya know. They're art all on their own. Framing one that's special to you is a great way to respectfully and professionally display it in your space, as well as ...

  • 7 Tips for the Care and Keeping of Your Plants

    We often get questions from you guys on styling a space. And our answer often involves... plants! They add life, color, height, texture. But... green thumbs are a thing. So, we reached out to the experts at The Sill , an online plant nursery, for advice on selecting and caring ...

  • 60tlrsftswa3pdjj3qq9

    Frame It: Vintage Ads

    They don't make 'em like they used to. Ads, we mean. The kind that were whipped up in a Don Draper-esque office while sipping whiskey and smoking a Lucky Strike. You know, the ones that make you think of your grandparents' house. A little time capsule back to another place ...

  • How To Frame Family Photos

    Hi, it's Claudia, and I have a problem. A family photo hoarding problem. I have SO MANY family photos I love. Photos of my wedding. Of my parents when they were little. Of ancestors I never knew but look a lot like. You too? Yeah. It's a thing. But we ...

  • Ztkvnlsmqvq1vlzhn8wl

    Frame It: Needlework

    The careful counting, the tedious threading, and the oodles of patience: we have nothing but respect for these meticulously crafted creations. And there's something so nostalgic about needlework that kind of makes us feel like everything is going to be ok. We framed this holiday sampler with a white mat ...

  • Kqwr6fyhtiqaosp4jk6y

    Frame It: First Dollar

    A present under your pillow from the tooth fairy. A memento from the day you opened your business. A tribute to Harry Truman. Whatever your cause for celebration - framing a special dollar is a great way to honor the moment. And have you ever really stopped and looked at ...

  • How to: Display Family Photos

    Want to incorporate family photos into your home while still keeping it Pinterest-level pretty? Us too. But it can be hard to avoid wedding photos, baby shots and family vacation pics from overtaking the design and art in your space. Today we're sharing three takes on how to make spaces ...