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Gifts Under $100 & Gifts Under $50

One-of-a-kind gifts that don't break the bank.

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The Gift That Keeps On Playing (On Repeat)

Her Dad gifted her engraved iPods. She framed them.

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Gifts for Friends & Family Members

Special people deserve something special.

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Gifts for Parents

All kinds of parents, all kinds of gifts.

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Shop Your Attic: Things You Can Framebridge

Headed home for Thanksgiving? Find some childhood gems.

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How to Ask for Framebridge for Christmas

In the coming weeks, people will ask you what you want for Christmas. Be prepared to drop some hints that you want a truly thoughtful gift from Framebridge. Hint-dropping not your specialty? Here’s how to get what you really want this year.

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How to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Having people over for the holidays? From getting your guest room ready to making sure you're dining room is all decked out for Thanksgiving Dinner, we have some tricks to help.

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4 Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace

Garlands, candles, and mirrors, oh my! Here are five ways to decorate your fireplace for the holidays.

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6 Tips to Pick the Perfect Photo for a Gift

6 easy tips for choosing the perfect photo gifts for everyone on your list. Just grab your phone or computer and curl up on the couch. Happy framing!

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The Plants Have It: A Definitive Guide to Eucalyptus

Meet the Australian plant that Americans are obsessed with. This soft, sage green plant has captivated bloggers everywhere. With its hearty stalks and soothing scent, eucalyptus is a perennial favorite here at Framebridge (but we love it extra at the holidays). From silver dollar to true blue, we can’t get enough. Here are our favorite designs incorporating eucalyptus.

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