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  • Ecy19czproaaxehvnouz
    Affordable Art You Can Impulse Buy

    Art doesn’t have to break the bank. Between digital downloads and prints, you can own beautifully framed art you love without reconfiguring your budget. We rounded up some of our very favorite places to shop for affordable art that looks like a million bucks.

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  • W4nhkntqcmzzvt13dzq7
    Embroidered Photographs & Family Roots

    At SwatchHub, Brianna Fano creates captivating pieces from a variety of materials. Her most recent series features original photography printed on canvas and strategically embellished with beads and thread. Here is the story behind Brianna’s new collection in her own words.

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  • 2drel2dtrietcxfmnxgc
    Meet the Artist: Clare Elsaesser

    Clare Elsaesser is a talented painter known for her moody portraits on women enmeshed in natural elements. We love framing her originals and art prints, and we talk about Clare’s work to everyone we know. (Seriously.)

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  • A4zvlh6xtzgpkwflpely
    Meet the Designer: Studio McGee

    Shea and Syd McGee founded their eponymous design studio in a spare bedroom with no room for fabric samples. Fast forward: Studio McGee has completed hundreds of projects and launched a store. We interviewed Shea McGee about her work process, her career journey, and the everyday work of being a renowned designer.

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  • 3pantj3t2dhoein1dwqb
    Meet the Artist: David Parise

    Inspired by the craftsmanship and detail in Mattel's iconic dolls, photographer David Parise has broken them out of the box and taken them out to the beach... and the hotel bar... and the pool for some Slim Aarons-esque leisure shoots.

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  • I6oo60k9rso5jkjtfup9
    Meet The Artist: Kelly Ventura

    You know what we love about watercolors? How effortless they look despite the careful patience and skill they require. Kelly Ventura's paintings are no exception. Read on to learn more about the thought and skill that goes into her light, bright compositions.

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  • Ky4mqnrxszilxi9totbz
    Meet the Artist: Michelle Rial

    Michelle Rial thinks up brilliant, utterly charming charts. She draws them by hand with tiny block letter writing then posts them to her Instagram feed. An up-and-coming artist, Michelle’s analog medium appears perfectly at home on the Internet.

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  • L53bgqyhr7snqljikqic
    Artists of Framebridge: Taryn Harris

    Taryn’s paintings are dramatic and surreal. She disliked art until college when she finally had compelling art teachers. Now, she’s booking shows and continuing to hone her skills. “This piece came together over the period of a year,” Taryn said. “It represents that people have many different faces."

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  • A2orcbdqsbs7y0ysk0yn
    Artists of Framebridge: Eric Winter

    Artists of Framebridge highlights the talented people who handcraft every frame in our US factories. Meet Eric Winter, an expert craftsman. When not engaged in a building project, Eric paints surreal images, drawing inspiration from artisan traditions.

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  • Clu0wnmfrvauh4fcz62j
    Meet the Artist: Jorey Hurley

    Artist, illustrator, and author Jorey Hurley does it all. She studied art history as an undergrad before obtaining a law degree rapidly followed by a degree in design. Art was always in her blood, however. Her family is full of painters, sculptors, architects, photographers, and more.

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  • Rci5botgrcy5omv44sgt
    Meet the Artist: Vana Chupp

    Raising kids isn’t all rainbows, butterflies, and sweet smiles. Parents everywhere can attest to the utter exhaustion of protecting and nurturing a tiny human. Yet there are specific moments - a child asleep in your arms, exuberant giggles, tottering first steps - that make up for the frustration.

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  • Bb6xd4hjt3euuzwhnjjb
    Meet the Artist: Megan Elizabeth

    “I feel like my brain is like a camera. I don’t even take pictures really, I just absorb what’s around me and then later I’ll paint something. It’s stuck in my subconscious and then it comes out, which is legit magical.”

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  • Mlsaff8dsj20o3rtisvf
    Meet the Artist: Lauren Marttila

    Lauren comes to Nantucket by way of New York City and is what islanders call a “wash ashore.” Meant to describe a person who migrates to Nantucket, an island thirty miles out to sea, the term just so happens to perfectly describe Lauren’s photography, too...

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  • Vmn4vkc2sjonkijngchs
    Artist Leslee Mitchell frames her photography

    You probably know her from her colorful matchbook car prints , but let us talk a minute about all the ways we love *all* of photographer Leslee Mitchell 's work. This Nashville native has an eye for all sorts of subjects--weddings to interiors--and an amazing ability to tackle it all. ...

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  • 3xskvtrfrscwtseb3jxa
    Artist Juniper Briggs frames her paintings

    Juniper Briggs in her Virginia studio Sugar, spice, and everything nice. That's probably the best way we can describe artist Juniper Briggs . We were first introduced to this Virginia artist through her fierce, fabulous squad of femmes on canvas. Her painted ladies are full of emotion, and after chatting ...

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  • Ctamrjzsfyctff4wu7ce
    Framebridge for Business: Sugarlift

    Sugar lift (def): a printmaking process that showcases an artist's brushwork. And! A company connecting budding art collectors with their first (or next) piece of original art. Founded by Wright Harvey and Bart Piela, this New York City based startup is making it easy to break into an often cold, ...

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  • V4irpd1gtu6kxxnjrmes
    Meet the Artist: Gretchen Roehrs

    You've probably seen her work on your feeds, or maybe you caught her on Rachel Ray . Meet Gretchen Roehrs, the woman who is single handedly proving it should be socially acceptable to play with your food. Learn more about the lady behind these fashionable fruit illustrations.

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  • Ugcppxootuellevyooik
    Artist's Story: Benjamin Mackey

    Name: Benjamin Mackey (Hi, Benjamin!) Occupation: Illustrator/Comic Maker (We always love a good laugh.) Art Medium: Adobe Photoshop, graphite and ink, and acrylic paints. Favorite studio tool/supply: Wacom Tablet and this super rad Pentel Pocket Brush Pen I just picked up Artists you love: Giambattista Tiepolo , Eric Fischl , ...

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