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Artists - Recent Posts

Meet the Artist: Adrian Brandon

Adrian Brandon is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work focuses on the Black experience and raising awareness of the injustices the Black community faces.

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Meet the Artist: Gregory Prescott

Gregory Prescott is a self-taught photographer who focuses on the beauty and sensuality of the human form.

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Meet the Artist: Christa David

Christa David is a public health researcher turned collage artist and painter. She works to tell the stories of Black and Brown people.

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Meet the Artist: Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson is a multidisciplinary artist living in North Carolina. Her work explores Black and Southern femininity, identity, and culture with mixed media.

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Meet the Artist: Uzo Njoku

Uzo Njoku was born in Nigeria and currently lives in New York City. She works in oil paint, acrylic and collage to create colorful paintings and design products.

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Meet the Artist: Kirth Bobb

Kirth Bobb is a photographer born in Guyana and now based in Washington, D.C., finding beauty in what may be considered the mundane.

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Meet the Artist: Jamie Bonfiglio

Jamie Bonfiglio is a painter and muralist based in Birmingham, Alabama who specializes in bright, abstract portraits.

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Meet the Artist: Bernard Essiful

Photographer Bernard Essiful moved to the U.S. from Ghana in 2006, ultimately establishing a collective of creators in LA and is currently studying at Howard University.

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Meet the Artist: Domonique Brown

Domonique Brown is a contemporary pop artist based in California. She employs markers, acrylics, and digital graphic design in her illustrative portraits.

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Meet the Artist: Tom Harris

Tom Harris is a fine art photographer based in the Washington, D.C. area.

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Atlanta Artists We Love

Hear — from the artists themselves — how they shape the city's culture.

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Meet the Designer: Studio McGee

We talked with Shea McGee about her work process, her career journey, and the everyday work of being a renowned designer with a new hit Netflix show.

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