Affordable Art You Can Impulse Buy

Art by Sugarhouse Supply.

Art doesn’t have to break the bank.

Between digital downloads and prints, you can own beautifully framed art you love without reconfiguring your budget. We rounded up some of our very favorite places to shop for affordable art that looks like a million bucks.

Kelly Ventura

Art by @kellyventuradesign

Michigan-based artist Kelly Ventura creates vibrant, gestural floral pieces that are full of color and layered pigment. 

Prints starting at $26



Sugarhouse Supply

Photo by @krista.horton. Art by @sugarhousesuppy.

Sugarhouse Supply is a family business based in Salt Lake City selling everything from housewares to surfboards. They offer a curated selection of on-trend photography and typography. 

Prints starting at $22  



Lila and Lola

Photo by @sarahehewgill. Art by @lilaandlola.

Lila and Lola offers very affordable digital downloads of photography ranging from baby animals (perfect for nurseries) to wildlife and botanical photos. Just order the digital file, upload it to Framebridge, and select your size. We'll print and frame your image and send it back ready to hang. 

Starting at $6.72 



Jenny's Print Shop

Photo by @harperdrakehome. Art by @jennysprintshop.

Jenny's Print Shop is truly magical. This selection of photography, vintage art, and typography curated by Jenny Komenda is wilding popular. Just download the file, upload it to Framebridge, and we'll do the rest.  

All prints $15 



Paper Jam Press

Art by Paper Jam Press. 

Paper Jam Press offers hand printed typography, often inspired by song lyrics. So don't just stand there, bust a move. 

Original prints starting at $29.99


Kate Worum

Art by Kate Worum in our Marin frame

Kate Worum is a painter and print and pattern designer. Her celebrity portraits, playful sketches, and emphasis on line and color make her work instantly recognizable. 

Prints starting at $25 



David Parise

Art by David Parise. 

Vintage Barbie and Ken never looked so chic. David Parise's staged portraits of old Mattel dolls are playful and luxurious, and perfect for adding a summery touch to any decor.   

Prints starting at $30


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