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A New-School/Old-School Valentine


“Hearts are kind of a symbol for me. And I’m really obsessed with the old-school valentines, the kind you used to get when you were a little kid.”

- Brittney Guest: artist, graphic designer, art director, and old-school romantic


Brittney has been an artist since before she even knew what the word meant. When she was a little girl, her mom gave her a crayon and, instead of eating it, she took to coloring (smart choice Brittney!).

Now Brittney is an art director at a local magazine, but still uses her illustration skills to give her boyfriend all the feels. “We actually knew each other throughout college and then ten years later he asked me out on a date to a coffee house and so each year we celebrate what’s known as our coffee-versary.” Brittney gave her bf the original of this new-school/old-school valentine and made herself a copy so they can both have it close.

Brittney, we know this gift was for your bf, but we can’t help but heart you, too.


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