Maiden Voyages

We couldn’t possibly wait to try out the new Travel Collection, our most colorful frames ever (the wanderlust is real, folks) and the deliveries just started coming in. Check out the maiden voyages of the frames with our team and a few of their travel companions.

photo of blue frame

The sea in a Sydney frame = no-brainer. By James J.

photo of pink frame

Robyn & Cami sliding right into the Paris frame

photo of burgundy frame

The light is just right for the deep burgundy of our Rome frame. By Nicole C.

photo of yellow frame with dog

Koshi chose the Agra frame. By Sophia A.

photo of blue frame

Who needs a TV when you can see the world in the Santorini frame? By Robin D. (and Barack O.)

photo of light green frame and baby

Briggs couldn't wait to get his hands on the Positano frame, either. By Jenn D.

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