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How to Frame a Scarf

by Framebridge Editorial
February 29, 2024
2 min read

A story about a scarf from Leigh, who works on Partnerships at Framebridge.

A few months ago I made this scarf at an art festival in Baltimore.

I saw a grandfatherly old man sitting at a booth, surrounded by ink bottles spanning the whole spectrum of colors. Next to him was a large troth-looking contraption filled with water. I was intrigued. 

I quickly learned that what I was looking at was an Ebru printing setup - painting on water! It is an old technique practiced in Japan and Turkey where ink is dripped onto water, and swirled into colorful marbled patterns. After the ink is arranged to taste, a piece of silk is "printed" with the ink floating on top of the water. The silk is carefully placed on the ink which absorbs into the fabric. Pretty cool, right?

I was as enamored with the process, and with the final product: a beautifully printed scarf. Only one problem. It didn't really match my style. I wanted it to be a part of my life - just not a part of my outfit, per say.

So, what to do? Framebridge it!

Most scarves are framed as one long piece (see SF Girl By Bay), but I wanted the final look of mine to be more like art that just so happened to be fabric. I envisioned a triptych of frames (strength in numbers after all.) To achieve that look, I cut the scarf into three sections, and chose to mat it like any normal piece of art.  

To say I love the final product is an understatement. Every time I glance over at it hanging on my wall I'm reminded of the sweet old man I met at the festival, and all the fun I had mixing, matching, and swirling ink. 

Want to get the look for yourself? Here's how: 

  • Find a scarf. A cherished heirloom or a beloved print or pattern - up to you! 
  • Consider your matting options. Mat or no mat? They both look beautiful, but here are some things to consider: Do you want to see the edges of the fabric? Do you want to see all of the pattern? No mat is the choice for you. Is there an allover pattern? Do you want the piece to read as fabric, not as a scarf? A mat is the choice for you. 
  • Consider your framing options. Our Newport and Richmond styles are classic, but play well with modern decor. Unsure what to choose? Select "Designer's Choice" as your frame style, and one of our experts will send you their top four picks. 
  • Put us to work. Order your frames! We'll get to work on hand crafting your frame. 
  • Hang and enjoy! Nothing left to do but smile.

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