To Our Community

June 7, 2020

To our Community --

We stayed quiet this week to amplify Black voices and the fight against systemic racism. During this time, we listened, we reflected individually and as a team, and we began to take concrete action.

Internally as a company and externally as part of our community, we pledge to take the following actions now.

We will build a diverse and inclusive team at our offices, manufacturing facilities, and retail stores as we grow. We will define and develop leadership opportunities across all levels of our organization to reach increased and proportionate representation. We commit to ongoing education and training for our team as we work to build a culture of anti-racism and true diversity.

We will also take action in our community. The Framebridge team has organized into three working groups: 1) supporting artists of color, 2) partnering with organizations who impact change through art & design, and 3) providing access and career opportunities to students of color, specifically through new internship programs. Framebridge leadership is committed to supporting these programs, ensuring that they grow in meaning and impact over time. We will be accountable to ourselves and to you, our community, and we will be transparent about this work.

You will first see the results of our actions through our first working group, where we will build and cultivate an active and supportive community for artists of color—a community where artists can learn from each other, where we help one another get new businesses off the ground, where we help artists make money from their work, and connect artists with shared goals and interests. Starting now, we will use our platform to showcase more artists of color. For every artist we share, we will outline how to support their business. At our core, Framebridge is about storytelling. Everything we frame has an incredible story behind it, and we have built our brand by sharing them. We will tell more stories that amplify the voices and experiences of Black and Brown people.

We hope all of you—our community—will continue to share your stories and use your voices to stand up against injustice and for equality. We recognize that our work is only a small part of the change we hope to see in our country, but we believe in the collective impact of every individual action. Each one of us has a place in the story we will write together.

Thank you,
Team Framebridge

Black Lives Matter Plaza, 1.7 miles from our office