Throw It in the Bag (Then Keep the Bag)

Jenn, a personal stylist (@tinyclosettonsofstyle), has a deep love for fashion. But this goes beyond the products themselves. As a member of the industry, she was always drawn to packaging design. So much so that she has a collection of limited edition, luxury, retail bags.

Gucci, Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton. She’s not alone in this appreciation. As part of her styling business, she helps women re-sell handbags, as well as the limited edition shopping bags that come with them. There’s a real market for them. “It would blow your mind.”

This particular bag from Louis Vuitton came with a birthday gift. Her husband went to get her a handbag, but when he saw the pricetag, he settled for a giftcard that was half of that. It worked out well, because not only did Jenn love the giftcard, she loved its presentation.

As a creative person, she was drawn to the ability to frame objects. She considers her bags to be “pieces of art… part of brand expression.”

But did she ever get the handbag? She did, and saw that experience as another excuse to admire her shopping bag, before reaching inside.