Shop Your Attic: Things You Can Framebridge

Headed home for Thanksgiving? Between the cooking, football, and your uncle's endless podcast recommendations, find a moment to slip away and do some sneaky Christmas shopping. This is your chance to raid your parents’ attic and rediscover old, sentimental items that (once beautifully framed) are guaranteed to win the holidays.

Note: We do not offer preferential treatment for attics. Closets, basements, boxes under the bed, dresser drawers, secret cubbies, time capsules, and safes are all fair places to find hidden treasure.

Start Framing

Things You Can Framebridge

No. 722

A throwback photo from when you were small and Dad had more hair. 

No. 408

A map that was already old when your grandmother found it in a used bookstore in 1954.

No. 80

Pages from the novel you "forgot" to return to your cool English teacher. 

No. 352

A reminder of the glory days. 


No. 366

Art from back when you still made art. 


No. 455

Flirty notes and digits that started a whole story. 

No. 745

 A small piece of the big day. 

No. 717

Because chess is a sport, too. 

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