Wrabel concert ticket for my best friend and wing woman

Concert ticket float mounted in our Irvine Slim frame

"One of my best friends from high school (Wrabel) was touring with Gavin DeGraw and Andy Grammar this fall, and I framed the concert ticket.

My best friend Liz and I have been super fan girls since high school. I did a quick day trip to New York on a random Thursday in October, so Liz and I could see him together during his first big tour. Despite our very best intentions - we even handmade t-shirts! - it was one of those nights where everything went just a little bit wrong.

I framed the ticket as a reminder that even when things don't go 100% to plan, when you're with someone you love, nothing else really matters. 

I'm gifting this to my best friend, Liz. I hope she'll love it as a reminder that we can make our own fun, no matter the circumstances. Plus, I know she'll smile every time she thinks about how hard our very talented friend Stephen has worked to follow his dreams - there's nothing better than that feeling of pride for one of your friends!"

- Framebridge Head of Product, puppy mama, and Renaissance woman Julia