How to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays with Gallery Walls

Image via @housesevendesign featuring The Triptych

Are you hosting guests for Friendsgiving this year? Having your in-laws over for the holidays? We hear you.  If you’re anything like us, you scramble to prepare your home before your guests arrive during the holiday season. Enter, holiday gallery walls.

Our photo gallery walls take five minutes to order and 10 minutes to hang. They’re high impact, low maintenance, and incredibly easy to get up on the walls. (Don't believe us? Watch us order and hang a gallery wall in minutes. ) Hanging a gallery wall is the fastest way to transform any room and show off your best photos. Plus they practically shout, “Hey, Mom, I’m a real adult!”

How to create your holiday gallery wall:

1. Choose your arrangement and frame styles. 

2. Upload your photos. Not sure which ones to choose? Check out our guide. 

3. Hang it up with our easy-to-use hanging guide. It takes less than 10 minutes and you can do it yourself.

Not sure which gallery wall to order? We’ve got you.

The Triptych

Bold, elegant, and editorial, The Triptych is ideal for wedding and family photos. It's perfect over a couch, above a dining room table, or over a bed

Image via @briannelynnb showing The Triptych in gold. 

Imagse via @jennaflare with The Triptych in black.

The Up the Stairs

There's a reason that the Up the Stairs was our most requested gallery wall design on Instagram. The staircase space can be notoriously tricky to fill, but we make it easy to showcase your family photos in a prominent way. Insider tip: it looks great in those videos of the kids rushing down the stairs on Christmas morning.

undefinedThe Up the Stairs gallery wall in black

The Stack

For a nook in your dining room or guest room, we love The Stack. This gallery wall is great with black and white photography and travel photos.

Image via @sunnycirclestudio featuring The Stack
Image via @hommeboys of The Stack in gold. 

Shop The Stack

The Mini Tall

The Mini Tall is perfect at the end of the long hall or at the top of the stairs. With twelve frames, it’s ideal for showing off your favorite Instagram pics, vacation photos,and fun family photos. 

Image via @pdelgado111 featuring the Mini Tall
The Mini Tall in black

Shop The Mini Tall

The Half Wall Grid

The Half Wall Grid is equally at home over a dining room table or above a couch. Dramatic and sophisticated, it pairs well with travel photography. P.S. The Half Wall Grid makes a great gift.

The Half Wall Grid in Gold

Shop The Half Wall Grid

Gallery Walls Look Good On You 

Hanging a gallery wall this season? Share your photos with us on social media with @framebridge and #framebridge. 

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