Five Questions With @FiveFootOneTeacher

Brittany (@fivefootoneteacher) loves to travel. She wanted a showpiece in her room that allowed her to relive all of the memories she made while exploring the world. She needed a gallery wall, but didn't quite know where to start. Enter our Gallery Wall Service, where a Framebridge designer helps craft a gallery wall fit for your taste and your space. Brittany tells us about the experience, the stories behind her photos, and any advice she has to somebody else considering a custom gallery wall.


1. Tell us about the trips behind these photos.

Where do I begin? Each of these captured moments have such a special place in my heart. My first time in California, my first time seeing snow, my first time looking over at Niagara Falls—these are all moments of firsts and I am so grateful that I captured them. When I experience something for the first time, I wish I could just take the memory, put it in a ball, and hold on to it forever, so I feel like having these pictures is pretty close to that. Whenever I look at these photos, I'm reminded of the salt water in Malibu, the way the snow felt in my hands, and the incredible food I ate in Canada. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just teleport through the pictures?!

2. Why did you decide to go with a custom gallery wall?

I knew that I wanted to do a gallery wall and I found myself searching and searching for hours online. I found so many beautiful pictures, but none of them felt right for this space. I started going through old pictures one day (with all of this time spent at home, I find myself doing this a lot!) I remember feeling so at-peace and happy looking at these pictures and I thought, why don't I frame these? Instead of looking at them through my phone or a computer screen, why don't I make them part of the room? I have realized that we make up what a home truly is, and having these personal and very special memories framed most definitely makes my house feel like a home.

3. What was the process of getting a custom gallery wall like?

Working with Framebridge was honestly a dream. Sometimes it can be really tough to pick out these pieces by yourself. I am not the best at measurements and math, which is probably why I am an English teacher (lol), so having someone who knows what they are doing is extremely helpful. I didn't have to go through this process alone. I started off by taking a picture of the blank wall and sent it off to a designer at Framebridge. From there we worked on the measurements together and talked through my vision for the space. We used a shared folder (which made me excited because I do that virtually now with my students) so that I could send in my digital prints. Next, she took my prints and put them into the frames I was interested in (I took a quiz at the beginning to help me narrow down which frames I liked the best, because there are so many beautiful options... warning: it is tough to choose). My favorite part about the process was seeing the actual prints in the frames and on the wall. She used that original photograph that I sent in of the blank wall to create an actual mock-up of what my framed pictures would look like. From there, we made any necessary edits and then they showed up at my door, framed, and ready to go. The process truly couldn't have been easier and I really am so grateful I had someone by my side throughout the journey! This is something that I will cherish forever.

4. How does the gallery wall make you feel when you see it?

Some words that come to mind are comforting, safe, and zen. These are all memories that have brought me so much joy and I think the colors together give off such a relaxing vibe which I think is perfect for this space. It feels really nice to have something so personal framed. I could have easily picked out other pictures, but I think framing our memories is important and this inspired me to create more (and frame them too).

5. Any advice for somebody considering using our custom gallery wall service?

Pick pictures that bring you joy. I started off by doing that with my wall and I found that the colors worked nicely together, but if they didn't, I could have made this black and white, which also would have been beautiful. I think when we focus on what brings us joy, the pieces will last much longer in our homes compared to pieces that we pick just because we think it will look good in the moment. As far as the frames go, take the quiz on Framebridge first! It will really help give you an idea of what you really love going into the process and hopefully inspire you when picking out your pictures for the gallery wall. No question is too small for the designers over at Framebridge—I had a list of questions and they were so helpful in answering them throughout the design process. Oh and of course have fun with this! I was so nervous to decorate my home or even put a hole in the wall, but let loose, have some fun, and frame your moments of joy. It will be worth it.