Festival Fish Fry


“My dad's like a nonstop hustler. He does anything and everything he has to get it done.”

- DJ Smoot, Jacksonville Jaguar, on his relentless (in a good way) dad


If you enjoyed a delicious fried fish sandwich from a food truck at one of the many Ohio summer music festivals in the early oughts, then there’s a pretty good chance DJ Smoot or one of his siblings served you. Their dad was determined to teach them the value of working hard and staying humble, and it really seems like it took. This brand new Jaguar is about to enter his first season, but he didn’t get there alone. His father, who never missed a home game in high school and who stayed up night after night after night helping him create the perfect highlight reel (on CD, no less) that ultimately made him a Fighting Illini, is the most important person in his life.

And, yes, that includes his younger brother who is way bigger than he is, but definitely still isn’t faster.

Happy Father’s Day to relentless dads.


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