Bright Future


Cultural institutions have really stepped up while everyone is at home, but what about the smaller, emerging artists?

Charlie (@chaachacharlie), 5, decided to put on her own show right on her front stoop, complete with a photo shoot.

“She finished all of her schoolwork. We put down about seven canvases and I told her to just go ahead and do whatever she wanted,” says her mom, Indica (@hi_indica), an artist herself. “She’s been painting since she was 8 months old.”

Indica helped Charlie set up an Instagram account about a year ago along with an Etsy shop for her work. Sales have been brisk ever since and have provided further motivation for both of their work. In fact, a collector purchased all seven canvases from Charlie’s stoop show and paid above her asking price. 


Prolific, especially in the confines of quarantine, Charlie explains her inspiration. “I want to be an artist just like my mommy when I grow up to be a big girl. I like the colors of the rainbow and I use them for my paintings.”

What’s next for the young artist? She wants to collaborate with her mom on a large-scale piece. One thing’s for sure—it will be colorful.