The Artists We Worked With in 2020

In 2020, art was an escape. And a response. Without gallery shows or museum exhibits, we re-learned our relationship with how to experience it, perhaps losing exclusivity and reclaiming the personal. This year particularly, we collectively saw a re-dedication to the power of art to chronicle history, make statements, and document the human experience. And we reacted powerfully, profoundly, and simultaneously—even when we couldn’t be in the same room to do so.

At Framebridge, art is literally the centerpiece of what we do. It was our privilege to work with so many talented artists—photographers, iIllustrators, cartoonists, sketch artists, painters, designers, weavers, muralists and a pitbull enthusiast or two—as they showcased the joy of children, the pain and determination of protests, the love of family and home, and glimpses into everyday life we’ve previously been too busy to admire.

Here are just some of the talented artists we’ve worked with in 2020.

Scout Osborne

girl smiling

We talked with photographer Scout Osborne about tips for taking pictures of kids on an iPhone.

Jess Mitchell

family photo in the fall

From taking socially distant photographs for Easter to giving advice for family portraits, photographer Jess Mitchell knows how to capture family joy in any circumstances.

Heather Ripley

quarantine art doodle

With popping colors and notebook whimsy, Heather Ripley captured the complicated feelings of this year in her “Corona Chronicles.

Rebecca Burt

couple hugging and smiling

Richmond based photographer Rebecca Burt captured love over FaceTime.

Framebridge Coloring Pages

cartoon of frames

Katherine Freeman Hocke took our imaginations outside, Paige Poppe gave readers a little cactus practice, graphic designer @quotesbychristie distilled optimism, Joy Ting Chardre’s creativity blossomed, illustrator Jessica Durant showcased everyday beauty, Jason Grimes sketched a good playmatey, and Mary Kate McDevitt’s words of affirmation never rang so true in Framebridge Coloring Pages.

John Donohue

sketch of restaurant

John Donohue draws restaurants. A former editor at the New Yorker, he now draws full time, and is known for his sketches of classic New York City eateries.

Suzanne Koett

couple standing behind fence

Capturing the everyday life of her friends in Austin, photographer Suzanne Koett’s ongoing series P A N D E M I C grappled with the concept of control.

Synthia Saint James

multicolored artwork

Dr. Synthia Saint James—a visual artist, author, and illustrator most noted for designing the first Kwanzaa stamp for the United States Postal Service—discussed her work Juneteenth and global communities that provide her inspiration.

Davian Chester

google search cartoon

In addition to being featured in our Atlanta artists round-up, graphic artist and illustrator Davian Chester discussed his love for the Black experience.

Nathalie Joachim

woman on coach beneath framed painting

Nathalie Joachim is a first generation Haitian American classical musician whose 2019 album Fanm d’Ayiti (Women of Haiti) was nominated for a Grammy for Best World Music Album.

Brooklyn Dolly

haitian painting

Erin Robinson, also known as Brooklyn Dolly, collaborated with Nathalie Joachim to create a cover for her Grammy-winning album, Fanm d’Ayiti, that conveyed essential elements of Haitian women.

Ashley Johnson

woman with a flower face at table

Ashley Johnson showcased an experience of Black feminine beauty in "Southern Woman in White Dogwoods."

Rod Terry

Photographer Rod Terry discussed his experience photographing the now-iconic, 1995 Million Man March in Washington DC.

Jason Jackson

Photographer Jason Jackson discussed finding meaning when turning the lens inward to his own backyard—New York City.

Devin Allen

Photographer Devin Allen—whose work has appeared twice on the cover of TIME—discussed reflecting his community of West Baltimore through photography during the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s murder.

Ima Mfon

Photographer Ima Mfon wrote beautifully about identity in his personal essay, “I Am Not a Threat.

The Cartorialist

Artist Carly Kuhn, better known as The Cartorialist, gave a tutorial on line drawing that got a little help from a photograph of the impeccable Timothée Chalamet.

Jonathan Cohen

Combining beauty and philanthropy, fashion designer Jonathan Cohen discussed the launch of Our Flower Shop, a digital flower bouquet that brought smiles, and whose sales benefitted charities.

Viral Art Project

The Viral Art Project uses art to communicate to people under crisis. Drawing inspiration from old propaganda posters, the project hopes to spread awareness about the pandemic, according to founders Ben Ostower, Zachary Levine and Mark Kelner.

Paula Champagne

Part of our Black Artists Print Shop, Paula Champagne weaves narrative through illustration, photography, videography and graphic design to explore the connection between Blackness and nature.

Justin Teodoro

Artist, designer and illustrator Justin Teodoro discussed the movement started by his  drawing entitled "We Should All Care”—made in response to children’s detainment at the border.

Marcelo Bengoecha (Fernando Bengoecha)

Marcelo, the brother of famed photographer Fernando Bengoecha, upholds the late photographer’s memory by weaving his most famous photos.

Dawn Trimble


Part of our Black Artists Print Shop and in a round-up of Atlanta artists we love, Dawn Trimble is a painter who creates ethereal watercolors, forming abstract shapes with evocative movement.

Shadra Strickland

man with peach

Part of our Black Artists Print Shop, Shadra Strickland is an illustrator whose focus on children’s books allows her to bring whimsy and imagination to her work.

Cam Kirk

Cam Kirk, the photographer and entrepreneur behind Cam Kirk Studios, works in Atlanta with some of the biggest names in hip hop, as well as emerging artists.

Sophie Gamand

Photographer Sophie Gamand discussed her love for pit bulls, which she found taking portraits of shelter dogs around the world.

John Cannon

man in colorful suit on railing

Atlanta photographer and creative director John Cannon is all hip hop photography—from candid moments to staged shoots with superstars.

Angie Jerez

colorful mural

Originally from Bogota, Angie Jerez is making a name for herself in Atlanta with her handmade illustration, painting, and notable mural work.


football students with tickets

KIVENCHY is an Atlanta-based photographer who documents the authenticity of culture and the brands who showcase that culture.

Laylah Barrayn

Photographer and documentarian Laylah Amatullah Barrayn spoke about her experience photographing women photographers of the African Diaspora.

Here's to more art in 2021.

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