Beast in Training


“When he's 18, hopefully I'll have prepared him for the best ...I know he'll be ready for the world.”

- DJ Swearinger, Washington Redskins, *brand new* dad


Day Swearinger, age 14 (days), is the son of a pro football player and the grandson of two basketball players, so it’s safe to assume that, starting in about 12 years, he’ll begin taking down any sport that stands in his path. Be nervous, sports.

Day is lucky to have a dad, DJ, who tips his hat to his own father for passing down an unbelievable work ethic, real life wisdom, and some serious swagg. It’s a little too soon to know everything DJ will pass down to Day, but let’s hope that amazing head of hair and warm smile are on the list. Looks like the little guy is well on his way.

Happy (first) Father’s Day to all brand new dads.


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