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2019 Design Trends, According to Us

Welcome, 2019. Considering the beautiful-but-unassuming neutrals, whites and soft leathers that adorned every home in 2018 (mine included), I must admit I’m glad to see what you have to bring us. So here we go—my predictions for the 10 interior design trends you’ll see everywhere in 2019. Enjoy!


Old Chicago, Framed Anew

The story of how actual 19th Century Chicago School architectural details made their way into our frame collection and onto your walls. The Framebridge Archive Collection is available now.


The History Behind Bamboo Frames

Let’s talk bamboo. The bamboo style we know and love today originated from the French term Chinoiserie, a design style that was 17th and 18th century Europe’s interpretation of Asian culture. During that period, Europe became obsessed with the Far East due to its booming trade with China.


How to Framebridge Your Kitchen

Having a dinner party? Inviting your family and friends for Thanksgiving? Whip your kitchen into shape with just a few clicks and well within your budget. True custom frames can be delivered to your door in days (and before your in-laws arrive).