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How to Choose Which Photos from your Phone to Frame

by Framebridge Editorial
February 16, 2018
4 min read

So you’re decorating a new house, refreshing your space, preserving your memories, or giving an unforgettable place. You know you want to frame something, but when you have 1,627 photos on your camera roll, it can hard knowing where to start. 

Here are some tips and tricks for narrowing down the field and choosing the perfect phone photo for any occasion. 

Tip #1: Flip through your camera roll.

We know this sounds obvious, but let’s be real. It can be overwhelming to scroll through the thousands of photos on your phone. Having a strategy will help. First, do a quick scroll through your camera roll. Don’t spend more than 5 minutes. What photos immediately pop out to you? Select them as you go, then add them to a new album. Then go back and consider each of your favorites more closely. Choosing from those pre-selected favorites will prove much more manageable. We promise. 

Tip #2: Follow the light.

Show off your creative side by opting for photos any photographer would approve of. That means clear lighting (bonus points for anything taken in natural light) and photos that are in focus (or intentionally out of focus). Try to balance beautiful photography with meaningful moments. If you can find a photo that’s both meaningful and beautiful, it’s a clear winner. You can also check out our guide for better iPhone pics.

Tip #3: Double check the resolution.

When you upload a photo to be framed, we’ll automatically check the resolution and tell you the largest size at which you can print without compromising the photo’s quality. (And many phone photos can be printed larger than you would think!) For example, a standard phone photo could easily be printed at a medium 16x20 frame size, or even a large 24x36 if the lightening is bright! 

Tip #4: Consider going black and white.

For family photos, Nate Berkus suggests framing in black and white for a timeless appeal. If you want to convert a photo to black and white, you can easily adjust the saturation in Photos on your phone, Instagram, VSCO, or your favorite mobile photo editor

Tip #5: Make it look like art.

Embrace your artsy side (and channel that little part of you that looks at every moment as an Instagram opp). Think landscapes, seascapes, close-ups on texture and color. A travel Insta from last year’s trip to Rome could be the perfect new addition to your bathroom, or a shot of the sun setting over the ocean could be just right over your bed. 


You know your style best. Frame what makes you happy. It’s really that simple. Seeing what you love - your family’s smiling faces, memories from trips abroad, or just a beautiful image - is an easy way to enrich your daily life. 

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