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4 Tips for Gorgeous Phone Photos

Via @emilyloeffelman

If you're anything like us, the photos you love the most were probably taken on your phone. BUT, you don't want them to look like they were taken on your phone. To help you add a little professional edge to your pics we've enlisted a few of our favorite (and very talented) friends from Instagram to share a few tips they've learned along the way. And if you're scrolling through your camera roll looking for a stunning photo to frame, these tips can serve as guidelines for identifying a photo that's better than the rest. 

Gorgeous phone photos, here you come. 

1. Capture more

Via @tea.lopez

 "It's likely that taking one photo won't cut it. Especially if you like having options when deciding on an image to post to your feed. Adjust your angle at each location. You may find that your original photo may not have been the best angle for lighting or positioning!"

–Tea Lopez, @tea.lopez

2. Lighting is key

Via @motherrose


"Natural bright light is best. Open shades and curtains when shooting indoors. You want the light on or around your subject."

– Autumn Delestowicz, @motherrose


3. Switch up the view

Via @livinglifesmoments

"Play around with how you crop your image. Sometimes a change in perspective or vantage point in how you capture your image makes a big difference, and can really help tell the story behind the moment you captured too. Plus, it's fun to change things up!"

– Kari Jensen, @livinglifesmoments


4. Keep it authentic

Via @emilyloeffelman


"Instead of posed photos, change it up a bit with snapping photos of your little ones in the moment. These photos always speak more to me than a basic 'say cheese' photo. They tell a story, show raw emotions and focus more on the moment. Some of my most favorite photos of my little guy are the ones that I've snapped of him having fun and not knowing that mom is taking his picture."

– Emily Loeffelman, @emilyloeffelman

Which favorite phone photos will you frame?