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Our Most Popular Frame Sizes

by Framebridge Editorial
May 24, 2021
4 min read

Find a Specific Frame Size

We custom frame your art, whatever it is, which means the size of art can (and will) vary widely. However, there are some popular frames for frequently framed art that has standard sizes like photos, posters and prints you should know about. Need to know what size your picture frame should be? Here's a table of what size frame you can expect (left column) with your art (the right column).

What if my art does not match one of the measurements? That's ok. As we take pride in custom framing what matters most to you, we can frame art of any size (up to 32x40) and take care of all the measurements. They will be custom to your art. Start framing an order like that here.For now, we break down the size of the art and popular corresponding frames of standard sizes we see often, to help you choose the frame best for you, your art, and your walls.

Frames for 5x7 Art

Digital photos are commonly framed as a 5x7. Art up to 5x7 is considered "extra small" and costs $75. You can’t go wrong with a classic black or white frame like our Mercer Slim or Irvine Slim. It couldn’t be easier to get a digital photo framed—upload directly onto the Framebridge site, preview all of our frames, and the framed piece will be shipped right to your door.

The Chloe frame for 5x7 photos. Final frame size 8x10. Size extra small.

Frames for 8x10 Art

Larger format photos, especially wedding photos, are often framed as an 8x10. Although the standard final frame size for an 8x10 photo is 11x14, we offer some other frame variations like the Stella frame. This is considered a size "small."

The Stella frame for 8x10 photos. Final frame size 11x14. Size small.

Frames for 8.5x11 Art

Heads up recent grads or proud parents. Diplomas and certificates are the most common items that are 8.5x11 (kids’ art on standard printer paper falls into this category too!). To make your achievements officially official, our Archives and Hardwoods are elegant choices and work well with intricate scripts.

Standard diploma in our Mandalay frame. Size small.

Frames for 11x14 Art

The dimensions of law school diplomas and other specialized higher education certificates are frequently 11x14 as are quite a few art prints. These are considered size "medium" and cost $125. When it comes to art prints at this size, we can frame with or without a mat. Having a clean edge without a mat can be really striking for prints at this size.

Large diploma in our Georgetown frame. Final frame size 16x20. Size medium.

Frames for 16x20 Art

16x20 is a great choice for medium sized prints and photos, and considered a "large" frame that costs $175. Coupled with a substantial mat, this can become a real statement piece on your wall. 

Frames for 20x24 Art

Large format photography works particularly well in 20x24 size. Black and white photos paired with warm woods (with or without a mat) are always a favorite of ours in this size.

Frames for 24x36 Art

Posters most commonly come in 24x36 dimensions, which is size "extra large." Movie buffs also take note: your favorite film posters will likely be 24x36. You can’t go wrong with a simple black Mercer Slim frame, but depending on the subject matter, we’re all for going on theme. Here's a guide to what size frame will work for your poster. Perhaps a Bolton frame for the next Marvel flick?

24x36 poster in Mercer Slim frame. Size extra large.

Is your art bigger than that? Good for your walls! And good for you, we can frame anything up to 32x40. For more on our frame sizes and pricing, click here. If your art is one of these sizes, you're basically ready to hang it on your walls—you just need to choose a frame. But even if it isn't, we'll custom fit it for your unique look. Now that you know about these sizes, you and your walls are ready.

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—Toni M.