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Jodie’s rise to activist

human rights event photo in sydney with white mat

Carla’s culinary cred

james beard award in tinsel with black mat

Nick’s gold medal story

book cover in richmond with white mat

Ryan’s in-flight gathering

members-only takeoff photo in walnut (gallery)

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gold medalist.
dream chaser. unstoppable force.

Episode 3: Meet Nick Baumgartner

“I went straight up in the air and landed on my head and shoulders a week before the X Games. To everyone’s surprise, 12 days after surgery, I ended up winning.”

visionary founder.
thought leader. social entrepreneur.

Episode 4: Meet Ryan Wilson

“Small ideas will keep you small. You need to dream big and fight for the best possible version of the ideas you have.”

artistic innovator.
immersive storyteller. magic maker.

Episode 5: Meet David Stark

"In art school the professors would say, ‘only one percent of you will be artists. And I remember thinking, I’m going to be one of those people."

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