episode 1: making big, bold
choices with Jodie Patterson

Human rights activist. Award-winning author. Cultural icon. Mother of five. From launching brands to breaking beauty barriers and rewriting the narrative for LGBTQ+ families, Jodie takes on bold initiatives without fear. “I like taking risks,” she says.

As the first up in our new series, The Brag, we’re amplifying Jodie’s achievements and celebrating her unique stories in the framest way possible. Below, tour Jodie’s epic brag wall. It’s all the inspiration you need to start bragging

Watch Jodie Brag On

“This wall encapsulates my life. It got me really excited for the next 50 years. It’s joy. It’s emotion. It’s Black thought. It’s Black heritage. It’s Black art and language. It’s experimental and a little left of center. It’s just me.”

jodie patterson

Tour some of Jodie’s biggest brags

Jodie working with us behind
the scenes at Framebridge
Park Slope, Brooklyn

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Now it’s your turn. Brag on.