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How to evolve to your gallery wall over time

by Framebridge Editorial
October 31, 2023
3 min read
Tessa Wolf’s gallery wall, via Tessa Wolf @the.wolf.academy.

A gallery wall is a beautiful way to tell your story. And just as your stories evolve and grow, so too can your gallery wall. Our designers have curated six collections of gorgeous gallery wall layouts, from small but mighty Duets and Trios to awe-inspiring Organic layouts with up to 22 frames. The magic of them all? They’re completely flexible and designed to be built on over time with individual frames, extra rows and columns, or a matching gallery wall in the same style. 

Just take it from Framebridge design advisor Tessa Wolf, who started with The Airy Imperfect, and added to it little by little through the years. “The images were a mix of shots from our trips and vintage family photos, and I gradually added more as new nephews and nieces were born,” she notes. “I might add more above, or even over the bathroom door next!” 

Here, a few of our favorite curated gallery wall layouts, and the wonderfully easy ways to expand on them.

The Classic Two Stack

Low on commitment but high on style, our duet gallery walls can transform a space in minutes. Adding a third frame is even easier: Just upload a new image, and select the same frame style and mat. The Classic Two Stack and The Side by Side layouts both feature frames in different sizes, so adding another smaller size creates a beautiful symmetry. The Bamboo Diptych and The Dual Diptych, meanwhile, include frames in the exact same sizes, so it’s easy to add another one here and there, whenever you choose.

The Staggered Grid

Our grid gallery walls are perfectly symmetrical while gloriously flexible. The collection features eight different grid layouts, each one with anywhere from four to 12 frames. Whenever you’re ready, simply add a row of the same frames on top or below your gallery wall, or add a column on either side. It all depends on your wall space–and your own individual style. 

The Triptych in Mercer Slim

These are our most popular gallery walls, and for good reason: They look beautiful anywhere–from living rooms, dining rooms, and hallways to above couches, credenzas, and up the stairs. Each of our four Triptych layouts feature three of the same frames and are designed to be hung horizontally, so when it’s time to add on, it’s best to go with the same layout and hang it right above. If your frames are on the larger size or if you don’t have space for a whole row, try adding the Triptych: Single Frame. A few of these in a row are also a wonderful idea!

The Organic Trio

While Triptychs feature groupings of three identical frames, our Trio gallery walls include layouts with three frames in three different sizes and styles. This provides an elegantly easy vibe so expanding on them looks totally natural. Start with a small trio and when you’re ready, order another frame in the same style and hang it just to the left or right, or go for another trio and hang it above or below.

The Endless Organic

Our Organic Gallery Walls are perfectly imperfect by design, which means you can’t go wrong when expanding your layout. We offer seven different Organic styles, ranging from five to 22 frames. In each one, there’s a spot for individual frames–just look for a space where it “organically” belongs. These layouts are also prime opportunities for multiple frames, from adding a new row to The Wide Organic, or interspersing a few one-off styles to The Evolving Organic or The Endless Organic. As their names suggest, the look is ever-evolving and the options are endless.


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