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How to edit your travel photos

by Framebridge Editorial
October 09, 2023
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Whether you’re road tripping across the central US or wandering through the narrow streets of Rome, a vacation isn’t a vacation without taking lots of photos on your phone. While away, you probably don't have time for anything more than a cursory edit, but when you get back to real life, just what should you do with all those incredible images? It can feel a little overwhelming, so we're here to help.

Here's how to curate, edit, and frame those photos right from your phone—because stunning shots deserve more than a spot in your feed!

1. Select your favorites

You probably took multiple, practically identical, photos of that monument, sunset or mountain range. No shame in that, but pare your photos down by starring your favorites to create a new album of your top contenders. 

2. Crop, adjust, and enhance 

Open your photos in the app on your phone or via an editing app. Crop out anything you don’t want in your image, then adjust your vertical and horizontal skew until the lines of your image are parallel to the grid. When it's all lined up, the image will feel "right." Trust your gut on this one. 

We like to adjust the image's brightness sooner rather than later because most photos benefit from a little extra pop. Enhance the brightness until the photo looks clear and shadows are minimized (unless the shadows are a vibe you're going for). If the colors start to look blown out, bring the brightness back down a tad. Just a touch of added contrast will bring out the colors and add some depth and warmth to your photo. You can also add some cool tones by decreasing the warmth to enhance that clean, sleek aesthetic.

3. Choose a spot in your space, hang, and enjoy

Decide where you want to hang your photo. For example, if you want a display above your couch, consider one large frame or a dramatic gallery wall with smaller frames. 

It's easy to upload your photos to Framebridge for printing and framing. If you’re printing your photo small, like in one of our Instagram Mini 5x5 frames, you can even upload directly from your Insta feed. For a larger print, save your edited photo, upload it to our framing flow, choose a size and a frame style. Our Travel Collection was literally made for your travel photos. Inspired by the most Framebridged places in the world, we created 10 beautiful hues by layering transparent tones with a glossy finish. The result is a ceramic-glazing effect that’s perfectly imperfect and truly unique–just like your travel adventures. 


Looking for framing inspiration?

Here are a few favorite travel photos framed by our customers.

Via Ashley Buchanan @historyinhighheels featuring Lima frame
Via Tida Sroivattana @winksandwonder, featuring a pair of Mercer Slim frames.
Via Denisse Myrick @chasingdenisse, featuring The Organic gallery wall with frames from the Travel Collection.
Via Zoe Feldman @zoefeldmandesign and Stacy Goldberg @stacyzaringoldberg, featuring the Mercer Slim in an organic gallery wall.

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photograph of deer framed in kyoto red glazed frame with a white mat


Coral red glazed frame

photograph of Machu Picchu framed in glazed emerald green Lima frame with a white mat


Emerald green glazed frame

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