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inspired by the most Framebridged places

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A world of color

Influenced by artisanal pottery, we created 10 beautiful hues by layering transparent tones with a glossy finish. 
The result is a ceramic-glazing effect that’s perfectly imperfect and truly unique.


Named for the international city you’ve Framebridged the most, this soft pink takes its hue from peonies, macarons, and Impressionism. Shop Paris


Recalling the late afternoon light that illuminates the Taj Mahal, this warm saffron is both vibrant and soothing, not unlike the city itself. Shop Agra


A mesmerizing royal blue that celebrates the Greek 
island’s glorious rooftops and surrounding Aegean Sea. Shop Santorini

“Santorini was like the beginning of a new chapter.”

“Santorini was like the beginning of a new chapter.”