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Heartstagram: The Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

by Framebridge Editorial
January 12, 2016
3 min read

Say hello to the Framebridge Heartstagram! Every year around Valentine's Day, we break out the little frame with the heart-shaped mat. So cute. It's the perfect Valentine's Day gift for all your special someones, and here are five reasons why.

Heartstagram in our Newport frame.

1. The most thoughtful gift is already on your phone.

The photos on your phone are a gold mine of the ones you love. So frame those vacation selfies, walks in the park, and cozy cuddles at home. They all look great inside a heart.

Heartstagram in our Madrid frame.

2. Not only can it hang, it looks great on a ledge.

The Heartstagram is the perfect size for a ledge, or a window sill, or a fancy bar cart!

Heartstagram in our Irvine Slim frame.

3. Heartstagram puts the focus on the ones you love.

Heartstagrams are great for a tight crop. Calling all big hugs, tender smooches, and face closeness. The heart-shaped mat is going to put the focus on the ones you love.

Photos by @emilyloeffelman in our Heartstagram black frame.

4. You can choose multiple styles. 

The heart-shaped mat is a classic, but the frame choice is up to you. Our glossy red Madrid frame is what Saint Valentine prefers, but you can choose from Mandalay (gold Bamboo), Irvine (white gallery style), Mercer Slim (black gallery style), Newport (antiqued silver), or Monroe (metallic Champagne). Every style says love.

Heartstagram in our Mandalay, gold frame.

5. It's just over $50.

Say no more.

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