How to Choose Photos for Your Gallery Wall

Our gallery walls are so easy to design that all you have to do is pick your photos. But as anyone with a full camera roll will tell you, organizing photos and choosing your favorites can feel daunting. To help you select photos you really love, here are some tips on which types of photos work best with each of our Framebridge gallery walls.

Here’s how to choose the perfect photos to place in your gallery wall: 

triptych gallery wall

Photos courtesy of Tamon George, @tamon_

The Triptych

The Triptych has quickly become our most popular gallery wall. If you have a sophisticated, editorial style and are looking for a high-impact gallery wall, you can’t go wrong with The Triptych. At 76” wide, this look is perfect above a sofa, down a long hallway, or above a king bed. Also, there may only be 3 photos in The Triptych, but they're printed at a relatively large size of 11x14”, so double check that your photos are high res. (We'll also check each photo's quality when you upload it.) 

Clean Black

What to Frame
  • Travel photography. The Triptych is great for travel photos, and it looks especially sophisticated with black and white photography.

  • Family photos. Unexpected black and white portraits of kids (we've even seen pets!) are striking in the Triptych.

  • Professional photography. This is an artsy, high-class way to display your work. An instant attention-grabber.

triptych gallery wall in gold

Antiqued Gold

What to Frame

  • Green photos. Again, we're huge fans of green and gold together. Opt for landscapes and botanicals.

  • Wedding photos. This is an off-beat and tasteful alternative to a salon style gallery wall of wedding photos. The perfect place for those hero shots.

  • Simple photos. Because of bottom-weighted mat, keep the look clean with balanced photos. Nothing visually busy here.

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The Wide Organic

If you don’t have a gallery wall in your home yet, The Wide Organic should be your first one! This is the perfect “starter” arrangement, great for above a bed or a couch. And you can organically add to it over time with vintage finds or new pieces.

wide organic gallery wall in eclectic frames


What to Frame
  • Family photos. Print photos of the kids, their grandparents, anyone who deserves a place of honor. You can easily add favorite photos over time as you make new memories as a family.

  • Wedding photos. This is a simple and especially classy way to show off your wedding photos, especially if you mix in some from your honeymoon.

wide organic gallery wall in colorful frames


What to Frame

  • Themed images. Since the frame styles are so colorful, keep the color palette of your photos warm. Work with a unified theme like architecture or museum art.

  • Travel photography. These colorful frames are from the Travel Collection—inspired by the most Framebridged places in the world. Travel photography is a natural choice!

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The Staggered Grid

This gallery wall is the perfect mix of structure and spontaneity. Place it above a sofa in a living room for an instant statement piece. Because the white and wood tones complement bright colors, this gallery wall goes especially well with bold, fun photos.

staggered gallery wall in wood and white frames

Woods & Whites

What to Frame
  • Playful images. Muted frames will lend themselves to the POP! of fun that is a selfie or awkward (but loveable) friends photo.

  • Nature shots. The wood frames lend themselves to all sorts of photos, but we especially love pairing them with the bold contours and eye-popping scenes of nature photography.

staggered grid gallery wall in metallic frames

Mixed Metallics

What to Frame

  • Softer photos. This combination of frames lends itself well to wedding and engagement photos. Don’t be scared to mix in beloved Instagram photos of plants, landscapes, or pics from your travels.

  • Mix black+white and color photography. Because the frames are more neutral, you can mix black and white and color photos and it will still look great.

  • Portraits. These shining, supportive frames are especially flattering for skin tones, so consider framing portraits. All about that glow!

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The Oversized Grid

An impressive and clean way to show off favorite square photos (great for pulling your faves from Instagram!). This gallery wall makes a big statement on an empty wall, and comes in our most popular styles.

oversized grid gallery wall in burl wood frames

Burl Wood

What to Frame
  • Family photos. It’s perfect for family photos, old and new. Just snap pics of old family photos and upload them or choose from your phone's camera roll.

  • Architectural details. Travel photos are always a winner, but the clean lines work especially well with photos of architecture and other highly-structured images. Golden Gate Bridge, anyone?

oversized grid gallery wall in gold frames


What to Frame

  • Literally anything. You can do whatever you want in these. The frame styles and mats are forgiving. Try to keep give your palette some consistency, but don’t worry about it too much. Just pick your top six photos and go.

  • Modern, playful photos. Just because this frame style is more traditional doesn’t need your photos need to be—embrace more playful, modern subject matter.

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The Stack

The Stack gallery wall is a clean, sophisticated way to show off your photos with a big impact. Offered in multiple styles, this tall, thin column gallery wall will fit in every skinny corner of your house or apartment. Have a cozy nook? The Stack is for you.

stack gallery wall in eclectic frames


What to Frame
  • Portraits and family photos. Softer color palettes look amazing with our eclectic frames. If you want a fun, eye-catching way to display your family photos, this is your arrangement. 

  • Photos that double as art. Pull out all the creative stops. Tall and commanding, this way is a great way to show off your personal photography or professional work. Nature and architecture are prime candidates.

stack gallery wall in gold frames


What to Frame

  • Bold colors. Gold compliments everything. Look at the pink of the heart in the second frame! It catches the eye, then we get to admire the full stack.

  • Themed photos. A trip. A hometown. A passion. These four frames serve as an ode to whatever you want them to, in a special corner of your space that is all for you.

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