How To Pick the Perfect Gold Frame

Left to Right: The Fox Group. Homme Boys with art by Aaron Valenzuela and Luke Austin. Virginia Chamlee with art by Brian Calvin


You know when you see something framed, and it looks *just* right, 

but you don't really know why?

It's likely because the tones of the art and the tones of the frame are in sync. And this, friends, is the key to answering one of our most frequently asked framing questions: I know I want a gold frame to complement my art, but how do I pick the right one?

Tone is the key. When comparing and considering our gold frames, we look at them on a spectrum of warmest to coolest finishes. What exactly are we talking about? "Warm" frames have red/orange undertones, while "cool" frames have blue. You want to match the tone of your art with the tone of its frame: warm art with a warm frame, and cool art with a cool frame.

Once you've determined which tone looks best, you can narrow down your selection based on the style or vibe you like for the piece. Below are all the gold frames in our collection ordered from warmest to coolest with a few notes on how to best use each one. Read on, learn up, and go for the gold. 



Gold Beaded Frame

Vibe: Classic with curvy, feminine detailing and delicate beading along the inner edge.

Tone: Our most orange gold. 

Pair with: Art with greens--especially photos of outdoor scenes!  



Gold Bamboo Frame

Vibe: The frame we're known for. Adds a playful touch to your art. Feels retro or preppy depending on how it's styled.

Tone: A bold brassy, orange gold. Red paint under the gold finish shines through in the tone. 

Pair with: Fun Instagram pics and colorful art prints.



Antiqued Gold Frame

Vibe: A little classic, a little modern. A  classic profile that's both thin and deep for true versatility.

Tone: A warm, deep gold.

Pair with: Almost anything. Photos, art, and small mementos. (Richmond is perfect for float mounting!)



Wide Classic Gold Frame

Vibe: Our widest gold frame and a true statement piece. Feminine and glamorous (hello curves). 

Tone: Warm. The perfect traditional gold.

 Pair with: Art prints, portraits, and wedding photos. 



Wide Plein Air Gold Frame

Vibe: Layered gold with a compelling profile. The only frame of it's kind. Glows in the sunlight. 

Tone: Warm, layered gold. 

Pair with: Art and paintings with rich, bright, or deep colors. Works especially well when you skip the mat! 




Gold Frame with Black Sides

Vibe: A true artist's frame with a gallery profile (narrow on the front and deep on the sides). Very dramatic.

Tone: Warm gold face with a lots distressing. Black outside edge and inner lip.

Pair with: Art, maps, anything float mounted.



Fluted Antiqued Gold Frame

Vibe: Classic and understated. Goes with (almost) everything.

Tone: Muted neutral gold. Layered gold tones.

Pair with: Maps, botanicals, vintage pieces, or photos. 



Bright Gold Metallic Frame

Vibe: Modern (flat front and side) with small antiqued edge detail.

Tone: Cool undertones. Very *bright* and glossy style. Exactly the color of a gold foil print. 

Pair with: Gold foil prints! Also cool-toned art and photos. 



Clean Gold Frame

Vibe: Our most modern--maybe even a little '90's?!--frame. Looks like brushed metal.

Tone: Cool gold. Very sleek. 

Pair with: Bigger pieces. Want to frame a poster in gold? Carson is your best choice. 




P.S. Looking for a gold frame for a canvas? We got you. Looking for rose gold? Right this way.

Because they're so classic yet versatile, we'll always love a gold frame. If you would still like some help choosing the perfect gold, our expert designers are here for you.