The story behind the frame.

Come see where the magic happens.

American made for you.

Every single Framebridge frame is custom built by our team of experts in our Kentucky studio. With old school craftsmanship, new technology, and some serious attention to detail, we’re proud to represent a new style of American manufacturing.

It all starts with something special.

"We're the first line here at Framebridge. We receive the packages or files, enter each one into our custom production system, and prep the piece to be framed by the rest of the team."

- Chaz, Art Receiving Specialist

Our designers
get creative.

"I get to see a lot of really beautiful artwork. I love having the opportunity to match the pieces with frames and see them really shine."

- Caroline, Design Specialist
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Things get hands on.

"We mount and mat the art in a way that protects and preserves it. What we do is definitely one of the most delicate parts of the process."

- Britt, Art Team Lead

Our frame comes together.

"This is the heart of Framebridge. It's where we saw and join the wood mouldings exactly as each customer orders."

- Cody, Framing Team Lead

Clear cuts, all the way.

"I run the vector acrylic cutter. It maximizes the yield to minimize waste, and cuts within .001% margin of error. It's pretty cool."

- Eric, Acrylic Specialist

Almost finished.

"This is where the magic happens. All the pieces of the frame come together, and
 we get to see the finished piece for the first time."

- Harold, Finishing Team Lead

Clean it up.

"I add the hardware and make sure the final piece is free of imperfections, and made to the exact specs in the order."

- Desmond, Hardware Specialist

Check it twice.

"When a frame gets to me, it's essentially done, but I inspect it as if I were the customer receiving it. One last check before it heads to Shipping!"

- Nathaniel, QA / QC Specialist

On the way to your wall.

"This is the last stop before the frame is shipped. We make sure each frame is packaged safely, and has all the goodies the customer needs to get it up on the wall."

- David, Shipping Team Lead