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Archive Collection

inspired by the past, made for the present

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Hand-Leafed in Italy

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Handcrafted with history

Each solid wood frame features beautifully ornate patterns, carefully created with architectural moulding wheels from 19th-century Chicago.

Meet Palmer

Hand-leafed in deep matte black with the tiniest touch of silver, this thin frame, in a delicate dot-and-curve design, draws attention to treasured letters, documents, and memorabilia. Shop Archive Black Frames

Meet Dover

Designed with a deep profile, this frame is perfect for float-mounted art and pieces with dimension. In an ornate squiggle pattern, it’s hand-leafed in silver with subtle gold detail for a very glowy color. Shop Archive Silver Frames

Meet Marquette

With a wide moulding in a Greek key and rope pattern, this frame makes a striking statement. Hand-leafed in a cool shade of gold with a dash of silver, the color is a favorite for colorful wedding photos. Shop Archive Gold Frames